Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Crows X Worst Collab (2nd) rolls

Rank 50 roll

Bouya! (1st copy)

After all the bad luck in the normal REM, this seems like a redemption for all the silvers I got. He received a UEVO and is probably the first card to obtain the Guard Break awakening. The effect is pretty cool with your card shooting lasers. It will be so fitting on Superman! In Japan, it has also been buffed to 100% instead of 50% and Bouya's 2nd guard break awakening was replaced with a skill boost.

Card design-wise, his leader skill isn't very powerful so I intend to use him as a sub but I have not been able to because I want to be able to make use of his guard break but the best rainbow leaders require hearts in activation which his active contradicts. The best way might be to ignore his active like here:

Note that in the Collab dungeon, Takeda Kousei's skill up card can be useful like how Fujin's skill card is used against damage absorb bosses. I farmed up 1 copy and kept it for future usage.