Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan GFE-only Gacha (2nd) rolls

I didn't know this had a chance of coming back but it did. I still chasing Dark Kali as a general non-IAP player other than the 1-time bargain pack purchases but I'll be realistic; I hope to get the 2 remaining 5* GFE that I do not have - Tsubaki and Ronove. 10-stones per roll

Fujin! (1st copy)
Her active is niche but it solves a relatively annoying boss mechanic. I'm glad I no longer have to store her skill-up cards. She's mostly used as an inherit and I have her on my REVO Kushinada now. Green is my weakest color but I just happen to have all the cleric green actives so far like unlocking orbs and awoken skills unbind.

Kaede! (1st copy)

Her optimal team is really hard to form as I will need more copies of her. I believe I can still make a usable team for her but never got around to yet. She's also one of the best green subs around.

Green Sonia! (1st copy)

I have all RGB Sonias now. She can be used in Zuoh, Anubis, REVO Ceres teams but I haven't require her so she's just sitting in my box.

Balboa (2nd copy)

The G/B version is actually still the better leader due to the unbindability but I could change this to the other version for "collection" I guess...

Sitr (2nd copy)

Saved up stones for 1 more roll and got her. I used her first copy in Blue Miru's team. Haven't have a use for a second copy but I'm keeping her around as her active is fairly powerful.