Saturday, April 15, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Godfest (03/10/2017~03/11/2017) rolls

1 roll per day.

Gremory (4th copy)

One of the least useful 6* to get multiple dupes of as she does not have haste in her active. I just need 1 more and I can form a team full of Gremory-s...

Light Metatron (2nd copy)

I kept her because she is getting a split UEVO soon and although it turns out to be a very good leader skill, there really is no use for another copy; the sub blue version doesn't have useful awakenings so keeping the leader version is good enough. I turned this latest copy to the leader version with the pluses from the Godfest REM and once she is +297 and max skilled/awaken, I will sell the other copy.