Friday, June 23, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Monster Hunter Collab MP cards purchase

The Monster Hunter Collab provided the biggest lineup of MP cards for buying so far and I thought it is worth having a separate blog post on it. Although it is only 2 MP cards in the store: the male and female hunter, they have 3 evolutions each, thus if you want more than 1, you will need to buy multiple. Japan did gave a male and female hunter free which you earn from the mail and completing the highest difficulty dungeon with 3 subs respectively.

I think most of the MP cards are better than the REM rolls I had and so it seems like the monsters I rolled were traded in for the MP Hunters instead which mirrors the game in some sense: the Monster Hunter game was about hunting monsters to get their parts to make weapons and armor. More information about the MP Hunter evolutions at PuzzleDragonX:

Rathalos X Armor Male: Didn't evolve
Seem like a easy farm lead but requires a team full of Monster Hunter Collab cards. If you get multiple red cards from the REM collab, you might consider him but even so, I hardly see him being used nowadays.

Tamamitsune X Armor Male: Evolved a copy
Probably one of the best co-op card you can get at the moment. He is definitely worth getting if you don't have any co-op leader at the moment. You can even use him in the new 3-player co-op and gain the benefits.

Being combo-based also mean you can fill his team with colors other than blue. You can easily use revo Kushinadahime's template of revo Hakus and co. and work with that. (I also didn't keep my "army" of Mizutsune as a sub for him)

I used him whenever there are exclusive 3-player co-op dungeons even till now and there has been quite a few of such dungeons with collabs. Monster Hunter Collab has one too.

Massacre X Armor Male: Evolved a copy
Made 1 after I saw Reco reach the damage cap pairing this with Diablos. On hindsight, I can probably achieve something similar with Rathian but using crosses of 2 different colors is easier and Massacre's damage possibility is definitely higher. I think he is definitely useful if you do not have Red/light Kenshin against those dungeons with bosses that have really high HP like that challenge dungeon lvl 11 with King of Hell, Satan. Reco's videos:

Kirin X Armor Female: Didn't evolve
A lot of people like her for the art. The leaderskill has a similar problem to Rathalos armor. The active is inheritable though and can be useful for combo leaders like Anubis. (I've seen Reco use a similar active in the Mech Goemon dungeon: I might consider getting another female MP card to evolve into one just for that.

Narga X Armor Female: Evolved a copy
Another highly rated card other than Tamamitsune Armor for co-op dungones. She is a little similar to Yomi Dragon but for co-op. The interesting thing is that since Tamamitsune already covered me for co-op dungeon tackling, I hardly use her at all.

Dino X Armor Female: Didn't evolve
She is close to a red version of awoken Astaroth with higher multipler. She does not have co-op bonuses but can be seen in usage similar to Awoken Cao Cao and Bleach Yamamoto 2 player speed clears of dungeons. She's definitely worth purchasing if you can form her team.