Friday, June 23, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Monster Hunter Collab rolls

Back with my approximately-monthly updates for Puzzle and Dragons and it begins with the Monster Hunter Collaboration! There was a chibi gacha before that but with the news of Monster Hunter collab and its 10 stone per roll gacha, I started saving up my non-iap stones for it. I have been a big monster hunter fan owning most of the series in PSP and on 3DS. This collab debut the 4-second movement leaderskill and the follow-up damage awakening. I am not a fan of most of the monsters in particular but wanted to get any of the new cards with those 2 mechanic. The other interesting thing about this collab cards are that they gain a lot of stats in general making them all good stat sticks for your teams. Card details can be found over at PuzzleDragonX:

Rank 50 Free roll: Astalos
I have the FF Time Mage for a light delay so this new addition to my box isn't particularly useful. In a later stream, it got buffed with an additional TPA. The leaderskill is just like RGB Greco-Roman God series but only covers light and dark and I don't intend to use it as a leader anyway. I doubt you will find much people leading with it too.

Roll #1: Rathian
A green super poison and 2 turn delay makes her a great utility sub although I have never seen her being used so far. The later buff was an additional skill boost awakening. She is actually pair-able with Diablos.

Roll #2:  Mizutsune
The active is pretty useless as I don't see the point of using it to shore up teams with only HP multiplier. Increase skyfall chances of rcv or any orbs is not useful by itself. This is probably the worst 6* diamond egg from the collab rem.

Roll #3: Astalos
Can't see much use for another Astalos. I am definitely keeping one in case the evolution it gets later make it better. It is good that the collab's minimum MP return is 15000.

Roll #4: Mizutsune
Can't see any use at all for another copy.

Roll #5: Rathian
Similar to Astalos, I don't see myself need more than 1 of her.

Roll #6: Gammoth
Orb changing actives are definitely more useful. It's buff from stream was quite substantial as well: 3 water rolls. I rather get more copies of this than Mizutsune!

Roll #7: Mizutsune
Argh. At this point I'm contemplating keeping them all to go with the Tamamitsune X Armor Hunter I bought just for the aesthetic look of it.

Roll #8: Rathalos
One of more iconic and popular monster of the game. The leaderskill is OK but I don't see myself using it much. I hardly find videos of people using him after the Monster Hunter Collab finishes...

Roll #9: Rathian
Again, no need for more than 1.

I'm really unlucky with this collab. It's been around 1-1.5 months in and I hardly use any of them at all. If you check around the videos now, you'll mostly find Glavenus and Amatsumagatsuchi used as sub for their follow-up attack awakening and high stats and also Diablos as a leader pairing. Fortunately, you do not have to roll Diablos but can instead rely on friends for it. Diablos pair with many different leaders very well, especially revo Anubis. The Diablos' active does gravity and I've seen some videos using its skillup card so it might be worth keeping one copy from the dungeon drop.