Friday, June 23, 2017

Puzzle & Dragons: My Japan Heroine REM and Gacha Dora community challenge (3rd) rolls

Skipped around 3 Godfests (with 5x, 6x and 7x rates!) during this period as the Heroine REM was returned again. I was still chasing Julie with my non-iap stones. During this time, there was also the Gacha Dora Community Challenge so there were more free rolls to claim as the players managed to hit all 3 targets. Most of the cards also receive buffs and Momiji is good now with the follow-up damage awakening and Mel has been used as an assist a lot to enable that awakening easily. I definitely hope to roll them.

Here are my Heroine rolls with saved non-iap stones and the Gacha Dora community challenge 3 Heroine REM rolls mixed in:

Sheena (2nd copy)

Kuvia (2nd copy)

Kuvia (3rd copy)

Momiji (1st copy)

Mito (3rd copy)

Elgenubi (1st copy!)

Momiji (2nd copy)

Romia (1st copy!)

My perseverance kinda paid off as I kept using whatever stones I have on the REM. Elgenubi is a strong addition to any red team while Romia is also used a lot in green teams and Anubis teams. As for the duplicates, Sheena and Momiji are mostly useful as they are board changers. Kuvia and Mito are debatable for keeping because it would seem like 2 will be enough. I've been spending a bit more on box spaces so I will most likely hold on to them first.

Gacha Dora community challenge normal REM rolls:

Rozuel (1st copy)
I'll be evolving to the red/red version, mainly because of the 7 combo awakening.

Avalon Drake (3rd copy but I sold the first 2!)
I sold my first 2 before they had the evolution that made them much more attractive. Now I'm definitely keeping this copy. It is useful for green teams and speed run teams like awoken/revo Liu Bei.

Ars Nova (2nd copy)
My first copy was evolved into that latest light/red evolution which made it into a speed farm lead and I have not used it at all. I'll keep this as the active can be useful for the match 5 with an enhance orb leaders and she is also a good sub for her own team.