Saturday, March 19, 2016

Puzzle & Dragons: Skill Inheritance (Updated with a note and 3 edits)

Skill Inheritance details:

GameWith assist recommendation: http://パズドラ

Game8 with list of good base (top list) and good assist (bottom list) cards:

I like this mechanic a lot as it encourages creativity and makes the game interesting again for a while. (Edit: With the tan guerrilla dungeon returning frequently, Gungho seems to encourage you to equip/unequip and experiment too!)

Cards with increase in value because of this system IMO:
- Dupe ROdin, Dupe ARa, Neptune and Chibi Lilith for nuke/poison against preDra
- REM cards with gravity to replace Zeus-type sub for arena (Edit: or damage booster active skills)
- Collab Silver and silver cards with good actives but not so good awakenings (Note: needs to be able to evo into 5* and have awakenings)
- Cards with low CD to be the base card (Edit: although in the end, the base card still have to be good in the first place)

I made a thread of Arena 2 team clearing with their latent and assist setup over at the PAD forum: