Monday, February 3, 2014

Hearthstone Impressions

This is probably old news but Hearthstone open beta is out. I tried it for a while and the graphics, music and effects are quite nice. The game mechanics has some Magic:The Gathering elements and overall it seem simple (maybe designed with iPad play in mind. iPad and Android tablets version rolling out later) but it looks like there are enough strategy and depth involved. Deck building is unique in the sense that you are drafting cards into your deck; given 3 to choose each "turn" instead of choosing from your whole collection. Update: You can build your own deck or use the suggestion mode where you are guided by giving 3 cards to choose each "turn" until you fill up the deck.

Joystiq has quite a few articles and information on the game. It looks like Warlock class is strong. I currently find the simplicity a little boring because I played so little but I still enjoyed it more than the other new card games for the iOS. I'll probably continue to play it more to unlock a few more characters and their decks.