Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 14 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Clan Events and Notes on Deck placement

- It turns out that Clan events are simpler bigger jobs that needs to be accomplish by multiple people. I think it makes the game more interesting.

- Spent the Elite ticket from the 1 million downloads; 8 3* in Clayton Cemetery. A good reminder not to spend any money on Elite hunting!

Deck Placement Notes
- Speed is important like GC in my opinion. I think you'll definitely want to put faster zombies in front of slower ones to help guarantee the slow one gets a chance to hit.

- Pay careful attention to the Strain matchup. Using 5* as basis:
  1. Try not to place same strain together obviously, they can get taken out by double-cast from the strain's weakness
  2. Try not to place Spitter Charmer and Leecher Screamer together; taken out by double-cast Lincoln, Newton Update: I've seen Burner critical-ing Charmer so it is probably a mistake in the Strain table in the Help section; Update2: Burner crit Charmer and Screamer not Spitter and Leecher.
  3. Try not to place Chiller and Leecher together; taken out by double-cast Satan, Pluto
  4. Try not to place Burner and Chiller together; taken out by double-cast Yang Guifei, Marie (Spitter+3)
  5. Try not to place Slasher and Shocker together; taken out by Napolean
  6. Update: Try not to place Screamer and Spitter together; taken out by Cleopatra 
  7. Try not to place Burner and Leecher together; taken out by double-cast Asura, Yuki Onna, Rasputin (lower priority? No Chiller+4 unless bordered Asura)
  8. Try not to place Slasher and Charmer together; taken out by double-cast Heli's leecher+3, Infested Armor (lower priority? No Leecher+4 currently)
  9. Try not to place Shocker and Spitter together; taken out by Slasher type like Rodeo girl/hydra? (low priority. No Slasher+4 currently)
- Place Debuff and Choking Fumes Zombies in front of another Zombie, preferably able to take advantage of the debuff.

- Self-Immolate/Survival Instinct/Cell Regeneration combo with First Blood should be worth trying for.

- When defending, do not put Self-Immolate Zombie as last place if possible. Attacking is fine but defending will not win you the match. (I'm not sure how your deck is saved for Boneyard though)

Update: - Put Revive, Survival Instinct and Transfusion zombies in front to waste opponents' MP.