Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 7/8 in the Zombie Apocalypse: iPhone vs iPad Hunting, Misc. Tips and Useful links

- In GC, I always find that I'm able to hunt more per ticket on the iPad compared to the iPhone. I recently installed DC on my iPhone 5 and found it no longer to be true! It turns out that my iPad 2 is probably to slow for the game as hunting on iPhone 5 was smoother. I now average significantly more hunts on the iPhone even though the screen was smaller. Honda's Challenge job of hunting a specific number of zombies in a ticket is no longer an issue.

- I caught 9 from my next saved Elite ticket in the first hunting ground, Gould Square with a 5* and a 4*! The types seem bad for them but with 4* and 5* being rare, I'm very happy with the outcome.

- Japan version of DC already had a promo card: 4* Pink Nurse. A re-colour but nevertheless a free 4* if you buy the ファミ通App Andoroid magazine from what I know. She has charm+2 (DC's death skill), Phy+3 and Int+20% among her skills. Source from Japan DC Wiki Site, last row at the moment.

Job Search Tips

You encounter various "mini-games" during a job search.

- Lasers: I find the best time to tap is usually on the first disappearance of all the lasers. However, I did get caught out once near the beginning when a laser fired again. Getting caught results in a zombie fight.

- Crossroads: I always choose the left path and it seems to lead to fewer dead ends for me most of the time. (Only 1-2 dead ends so far)

- Destroying obstacles: Nothing difficult and I've yet to fail to see what will happen. I recommend using 2 fingers to alternate between taps for speed.

- Jumping over obstacles: It purely based on reaction. Not stopping at the red section of the bar will send you down a level but fortunately, any doors you meet again are new and un-opened. Update: I encountered them a few more times and I notice the drop does not send you down a level unlike what the text says.

- Bomb disarmament: This is my least favourite and dreaded obstacle as it is a 50-50 chance and a wrong guess deducts 100 hardware (coins in DC) which is a scarce resource at the beginning of the game. The only pattern I can discern is that in a job, it is possible that the button choice follows the first correct answer quite a lot of times; red button for each bomb throughout the job. It is unconfirmed but most of the time, I stick to one button and ended up triggering the bomb repeatedly. UPDATE: Nope, it's random.

- Zombies from side doors/signposts are usually much stronger that those you meet along the way. (Deck of 3 vs a full deck)

Hunting Tips
- Thanks to the iPhone 5, I now realise that the second hunting ground is more difficult as other than zombies throwing debris at you (debris can be shot by the way), I now notice that the zombies move much more erratically. (retina graphics and faster processor made the zombies movement clearer?)

- I found out where the bird zombies fly to after attacking you. If you run out of bullets to kill a bird that is already aiming for you, start moving your aim to the left and you'll find that bird flying off.

- Gould Square Hunt Shadows from Japan DC Wiki Site
In a Elite hunt, bird and torso shadows have only 2 possibility: 3* and 5* or 3* and 4* respectively. I doubt it is 50-50 and you shouldn't go into a hunt aiming for specific shadows (hunt as many as quickly as possible) but technically, you probably have a better chance with this 2 shadows.

- Clayton Cemetery Hunt Shadows from Japan DC Wiki Site
In a Elite hunt, bird (again) and beast (four-legged I presume) shadows have only 2 possibilities: 3* and 5* or 3* and 4* respectively. Female and Big Man shadows have 3 possibilities.

Other Useful Links

- If you can understand Japanese, that Wiki listed above already has quite a lot of info on the game.

- 5* guide  from GCF's Deadman's Cross-Forum

- 4* and 5* skill sets from Deadman's Cross Forum

- 3* skill sets (under compilation currently) from Deadman's Cross Forum

- Mana cost for skills from Deadman's Cross Forum
Psyche boosts are quite important as I read of a couple of 5* being unable to double-cast +4 skills due to insufficient mana.

- Once you reach level 10, you can go to the trade screen to view all the stats of the zombies except for Invitation cards. Source from Deadman's Cross Forum

- Deadman types and strains can be found inside the game: Zom-B>Info>Help>Battle>Types or Stains. Source from Deadman's Cross Forum


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