Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 13 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Hunting and 5* & 4*+ notes

Hunting Notes
- Zombies attacking you will have 2 triangles (overlapping) on them at your screen.
- Gould Square has 2 2* Spitter feeder while Clayton Cemetery has 2 2* Screamer feeder. The rest of the 2* seems even.
- Flamethrower usage in Clayton Cemetery seems to require sweeping movement to kill. I left it on a shadow and sometimes the hit does not register

5* Notes
- I think it is easier to see the strain weakness and advantage by referring to the 5* so I shall list them out:
Update: There was some mistakes in the "Countered by" sections and were corrected as well as changed to "Critical by", except for physical attackers. Added new "Blocks" section. Added in 4*+

Joan of Arc, Attack Heli, Titan, Peregrine Falcon, Issac Newton, 4-star General & Minotaur
- has Physical+4 or +3
- for the heli specifically, I think it needs a debuffer or Choking Fumes Zombie in front for safer 1-hit kills
- Marie Antoinette and Yang Guifei both can be skilled with physical+4 as they have def debuff. However, I think it is probably only worth it for Strong type Marie as Intelligent stat is already slightly compromised. Yang Guifei's attack stat might be too low to bother.

Effective Against: Low Defense Zombies
Countered by: High Defense Zombies: Titan and Pluto (for Heli, might be recommended to get a Splitter+4 to counter them) as well as Zombies with attack debuff like Lincoln and Cleopatra. Heli is also countered slightly by Issac Newton as he removes its attack buff.

Abraham Lincoln & Issac Newton
- has Burner+4
- Issac Newton has Physical+4, refer to Attack Heli

Effective Against: Attack Heli, Marie Antoinette, Yang Guifei Cleopatra
Critical by: Asura (chiller+3 only but has -20int), Marie, Yang Guifei, Yuki Onna
Blocks: Lincoln, Newton, Asura, Cleopatra

Satan & Pluto
- has Shocker+4
- Pluto can use a Physical+4 skill in the future, refer to Attack Heli

Effective Against: Attack Heli, Asura
Critical by: Napolean (no Slasher+4 zombie yet)
Blocks: Asura, Satan, Pluto, Attack Heli's leecher+3, Infested Armor

Marie Antoinette & Yang Guifei
- Marie has Spitter+3 (needs an elemental+4 to be more effective)
- Yang Guifei has Spitter+4
- possible to be skilled with physical+4 and -20def, see Attack Heli

Effective Against: Lincoln (has high int though), Asura, Titan, Issac Newton (has high int though)
Critical by: Lincoln, Issac Newton, Cleopatra (Burner and Spitter both "critical each other")
Blocks: Asura, Marie, Yang Guifei, Yuki Onna

Asura & Yuki Onna
- has Chiller+3 (needs an elemental+4 to be more effective)
- for transfusion attack, see Attack Heli

Effective Against: Lincoln (has high int though), Attack Heli, Titan, Issac Newton (has high int though)
Critical by: Satan, Pluto, Cleopatra (no Slasher+4 zombie yet)
Blocks: Lincoln, Newton, Asura, Attack Heli's leecher+3, Infested Armor, Yuki Onna

Napolean, Moby Dick
- has Screamer+4
- Moby Dick has Screamer+3

Effective Against: Peregrine Falcon, Satan, Pluto
Critical by: Cleopatra
Blocks: Satan, Pluto, Napolean

- has Charmer+3
- Charm skills still has an element of randomness so it may fail nevertheless. However, it also manages to kill strains who block Charm strain as well.

Effective Against: Napolean, Marie, Yang Guifei,
Critical by: Attack Heli (but it is only a leecher+3), Infested Armor Update: I notice Burner crits Charmer so Lincoln and Newton should be in this list too
Blocks: Lincoln, Newton, Napolean, Marie, Yang Guifei, Cleopatra

Infested Armor
- has Leecher+3

Effective Against: Cleopatra
Critical by: Lincoln, Newton, Asura, Yuki Onna, Satan, Pluto
Blocks: Cleopatra, Heli's Leecher+3, Infested Armor