Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 2 in the Zombie Apocalypse

(I decided to split my Deadman's Cross posts into daily journals as I'll be playing it for a while)

- It is possible to earn special hunting tickets (SHT) or Deadman coins as it is referred to in this game through jobs and daily login. On my first Elite Hunt (SHT equivalent) at the first hunting ground, I caught 7 which is my average hunt and they were all 3*. It seems like even 4* is rare now? I need to do more Elite hunts to find out...

- The jobs are harder to me as my most powerful zombie is a 3*. After playing PAD where levelling up was almost continuous in the beginning, DC felt more "slow" in progress.

- Game seems to have some bugs like wrong levelling stats being shown. I'm also encountering problem continuing the "I am Legion 1" quest as the game kept getting bad connection and restarting. (crash) GC was much more polished at launch and I never encountered any problems with GC.


Here's my referral code, you'll get a 3* upon hitting player level 5 which can cause the DC equivalent of Death skill: MC87Z33

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