Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 3/4 in the Zombie Apocalypse

- 2nd SHT hunt earned from quests used in the first hunting ground, I caught 7 and they were all 3* again. I bought 3 x 100 coins as I notice it was cheaper than the 300 coins package by a few cents and tried again; same results 7 x 3*.

- first SHT earned from quests used in the second hunting ground, I managed 8 this time but all 3* again. On another note, I actually caught a 4*+ card on first try at normal hunting in the second hunting ground. (I believe it is in between 4* and 5*)

Hunting Tips
- I think it's best to avoid flying bird shadows unless you can kill it straight as after it attacks, the bird disappears quite a distant causing great time wastage.

As in GC, reloading takes about 6 seconds so if the timer is down to 6 seconds, there is no time to reload and shoot again. Reloading takes around 3 seconds now.

- Second hunting ground has a flamethrower which seems to drop after you catch one of the shadow (unconfirmed). It grants 1 hit kill but you still need to aim the target at the shadows.


Here's my referral code, you'll get a 3* upon hitting player level 5 which can cause the DC equivalent of Death skill: MC87Z33

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