Friday, February 14, 2014

Here we go again... Deadman's Cross

The sequel to Guardian Cross is out; Deadman's Cross (DC). If you are familiar with the Apps in stores nowadays, I think you can call this a re-skin to Guardian Cross (GC), particularly with the later versions of it after I quit playing as it has the job system. One new thing I noticed other than a sight change in hunting gameplay is a clan system. (Update: The way I see it now, it seems like it is just a nicer name for those global hunting events that we had in GC) The card art (being a Square Enix product?) is still top-notch.

The concept and gameplay is very familiar to GC players and the hunting is now Zombie sniping which makes it kind of refreshing for now. Coliseum is still here (known as Boneyard now) and trading too. I personally think that trading should be removed as it was the cause of many problems with the rules in my opinion but it remains. Hopefully, DC will not be plagued by the issues of the predecessor.
I guess the tips for GC should apply here as well: try to focus leveling the most powerful card that you have one at a time and for early teams, try to put some weak cards in front to absorb attacks, etc.

To me, this is no doubt a re-skin but a very high quality one! I stopped GC before job system was implemented so it is new to me. I also don't mind restarting as I bring some of the knowledge from GC over. I'll be playing a bit to collect cards and enjoy the novelty while it lasts.

Here's my referral code, you'll get a 3* upon hitting player level 5 which can cause the DC equivalent of Death skill: MC87Z33

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From here on, I decided to split my Deadman's Cross posts into daily journals.