Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 15 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Strain figured out!

- If you find the blog post's day label changing, it's because I am kinda lost track of time. I tried to use the daily bonus to count as much as possible. Next post will be day 1 of a new month.

- I managed to catch a 4* in a normal ticket in Gould Square during the Clan job. We could not finish the third Clan job and I find it a little unfair as we did not have the full day to complete all 3 jobs; Clan launched in the later half of a day.

- I figured out the Strain table from the game's help section. I noticed that Burner critical hits Charmer instead of Spitter so I started to work backwards. Each strain should have 3 blocking strain and 2 critical hitting strain. The other trait is that if a strain critical hit another strain, it should also block it. Using those information, I came up with an amended table:

I removed Voider as it did not carry much meaning. The mistake at the help table should be just for Burner. Spitter and Leecher is no longer critical by 3 other strains while Screamer and Charmer no longer get critical by only 1.

Update: I just saw Chiller critical hitting Charmer so I'm a bit confused now too.