Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 26/27/28 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Deck Guide Strategy link and some notes on Bordered Cards

- Excellent Deck guide strategy by Heli and I agree with the tips posted. Here's the link to my take on Deck placement, along with posts on Zombie Skills and 5* and 4+*.

- I think the bordered card limit is going to be raised soon to 2 with the recent Clan job helping to put out more bordered cards to the players. Regarding which bordered cards to put into the deck, the no-brainer choice will be the strongest ones. In GC, I think the strongest was always the latest ones but it is different in DC now. Here are my notes on which to use in deck:
  • I think the best choice currently is actually both Pestilent and Virulent Yang Guifei. A lot of people at the forums are saying so too. Choking Fumes debuff has such high utility in the deck and together with that insane speed and high Intelligent, I will definitely use both Yang Guifei if I had both in my deck. Virulent version has the same speed stat as Pestilent for some reason and in this game, speed kills... literally. Currently, only Slasher, Charmer and Spitter blocks Spitter attacks. There are not a lot of good 5* for those types which might explain why some uses Joan of Arc at the start.
  • Another way to fit them into your deck is to see which area are you lacking in; missing a strain type of attack in your deck, needing a tank or a high speed zombie. See Deck placement in this post's very first point.
  • Second best, IMO, will be Pestilent Pluto. Notice most of the better ones are those whose normal version are already powerful.  Pluto had very high overall stats (especially defence) in the game and also has Survival Instinct, which means it can tank a lot of hits and waste opponent's MP. Virulent Pluto is also a good choice, even if it is just for another Survival Instinct user in your deck. If for some reason, you have both Pluto-s, you can create an interesting deck with a lot of Survival Instinct procs.
  • I'm not very sure about Pestilent and Virulent Napoleon because of his inability to double cast +4 as well as requiring high Intelligent boosting for his alternate +3 build. If you kept his +4, he is mostly guarantees a 1 kill while a +3 build will be used instead to finish off low health opponent, so arrange him in your deck accordingly. The dream for +3 build is to be able to kill 3 but I think in reality, it will more likely kill 1 and a half. +3 build can be used for a cleanup position behind survival instinct, revive, debuffers, etc. It is interesting of note that only Perfect Normal Napoleon can double cast +4, making that the best version of all. (Also one of the best cards of the game right now IMO)
  • Pestilent Asura has very high HP and when fully boosted, may tank critical hits from Spitter and Shocker. However, Spitter and Shocker attackers are common making Asura rely a lot on HP boosting to stand a chance IMO. It is also due to the reliance on this HP stat that makes the Virulent Asura not as viable.
  • Insert: I realised I missed out on Pestilent Lincoln. I think he is similar to Asura that he relies on stats and is also a defensive tank but Asura has the advantage of transfusion skill which can make battles more unpredictable. 
  • Pestilent and Virulent Yuki Onna have the same problem as Asura with the common Spitter and Shocker attackers. She has choking fumes, which is always useful, and high intelligent due to the buff but I still think the "true" 5* bordered cards are better.
I hope the limit to bordered cards get raised soon because it will make deck strategy a little more interesting; multiple Survival Instinct or Blurred Speed mayhem. The trend of bordered cards is to add a +4 to a current +3 skill or alter the buff skill so I think the future bordered cards worth looking out for are Marie, Moby Dick and Minotaur. It will also be interesting to see if bordered Peregrine Falcon can double-cast or be like bordered Napolean.

- Lastly. my tip on Boneyard Passes: It's more important to preserve your winning streak than to use that 5th Boneyard pass to prevent "wasting" new ones.