Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 22/23 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Next week's Boneyard, Bordered Lincoln and Misc

- Same rules for next week's Boneyard (It's getting a bit boring) with bordered Attack Helicopter as the reward. Source: Japan Wiki. I'm hoping it's the first Leecher+4 skill user and let see if it will be faster than bordered Yang Guifei.

- Bordered Lincoln gets Def+20% instead of Attack-20%. Source: Japan Wiki Update: Now that I think of it, Bordered Lincoln might look to become a good tank zombie with high defence in both strain and physical attacks!

- If you are still wondering, Virulent cards have the same skill sets as Pestilent ones.

- 100% completion of jobs in my clan so far, I think SquareEnix has ton down the difficulty and my clan is quite active. It now seems the clan quests are starting to become harder.

- Managed to complete Honda's Challenge 6 with 22 kills and 2-3 yellow extra time shadows.