Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 9 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Pestilent Napolean, Next week's Boneyard and Job rewards

- I did a battle at the last 5 minutes of Boneyard where it prompted no rewards for the battle. I completed the battle and still get reward from the fight so I'm not sure what the prompt means...

- Japan wiki has Pestilent Napolean info: int+25% replacement for the buff skill. I guess it might be 400MP too. Each Boneyard reward card is stronger than the one before, I guess it's a rush each week to try to level up last week's reward card. Speaking of which, next week's reward is Pluto. Going by the "trend", I'm guessing he might get a buff skill for the bordered version.
Update: Pestilent Napolean cannot double cast with Blurred Speed, Int+25%, Screamer+4. Int+25% cost at least more than 422MP, even after Psyche is fully boosted (actual cost currently unknown). Source: Japan Wiki The good news is that you can save on MP boosting on this one. I think screamer+4 is preferred over +3 for a more secure kill. Update: According to the forum, Int+25% and Screamer+3 might do as much damage as Screamer+4

- Same rules for next week's Boneyard. Source: Japan Wiki

- Job list with the rewards are listed at the Japan Wiki. I think the end game will probably be repeating the job to gain 2 Hunting tickets to fuel the hunt job to get 1 Boneyard ticket.