Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 29/30 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Next version information and Bordered Attack Helicopter

- Version 1.1.0 Information translated:
"What's New in Version 1.1.0
- Added new field of Hunt "Tumbleweed Casino"
- Added 38 new Deadman
- Increased level cap to 75
- Added a daily quest
- Fix a problem prevents game from starting on iOS5
- Other bug fixes"

Source: Deadman Cross' Japan Version iTunes Store App page/Google Play App page

Start saving your hunt tickets and daily hunts if possible! I've deleted the Japan version so I won't be able to provide early screenshots. I think this update came at a right time as the game was getting a little boring for me; I've completed all Quests except for the Deadheads Wanted hunting one. I'm guessing the daily quest will be something like Million Arthur's Daily Event or Puzzle & Dragon's Daily dungeon; quests you have to completed within the day to get the reward.

Update #1: Found more information from The new hunting ground will have slot machine mechanic. Shoot a coin in the ground to start the slots and get one of this effects that I tried translating:

- 777: Jackpot. Remaining time of the hunt is +60 seconds.
- All Break: All Deadman will be in vulnerable state.
- All Stun: All Deadman get a 10 second Stun.
- Quick reload (3 bullets): Reload in an instant after last bullet
- +10 Seconds (3 hourglasses): remaining time of the hunt is +10 seconds.

The male and female shadows will be in tuxedo and bunny girl respectively. I think the slots mechanics will freshen up the hunting gameplay a lot but at the same time, it is kind of ironic to have a casino hunting ground when we are basically "gambling" with the Elite hunting tickets...

Update #2: It turns out that in the Casino, there are no vulnerable zombies or yellow time extensions one; you have to get them from slots. I can't confirm but I think I notice slot rewards cancelling each other so you might want to space out shooting down zombies with coins. I like the card art of the 3*, 4* and 4+*.

- Bordered Attack Helicopter gets Attack+25% buff instead of 20... I was hopping for Leecher+4 just to check out the animation but I guess we'll get probably wait for the new Casino hunting ground. Source: Japan Wiki

- No information about next week's Boneyard from Japan Wiki currently as I'm guessing the Japan version of the game is undergoing maintenance. Update #1: Next week's Boneyard is has cake in its name so Bordered Marie should be the reward. I think she will be very sought after and ties in well with the new hunting ground to get people to spend money to improve their decks as the new 5* are usually stronger. Update #2: Bordered Marie is the reward and the rules are the same.