Saturday, March 22, 2014

Million Arthur Resources and Tips

Million Arthur Resources
- Million Arthur South East Asia Facebook page

- Million Arthur South East Asia Cherry Credits Forum

- Hardwarezone forum thread about the Japanese version

- Tips posted by Avizoa from above forum thread (Scroll down for tips)

- Guardian Cross forum thread about the Japanese version (I contributed quite a few posts there and first post has a lot of useful links like the game's Wiki!)

- Tips posted by MetalStitch from above forum thread

Game download links:
iOS Appstore link

Google play Store link

Alternative Android apk link

My General Tips (I try to update here as I remember from past playing)
Enter my invite code at startup for a rare card: 1fb2

- Character Select at start: There is not much of a difference between the 3 that I know of but they each seem to have a different storyline. Unfortunately, we can only experience one unless you play 3 devices. I suggest hearing out the voice actors of each of them before deciding and choose the one that you think will be least annoying and best looking art.

- Action Points (AP) and Battle Cost (BC) Allocation: AP are your stamina points while BC is your cost for using your cards and are used when you attack boss or PVP. I remember reading that the top decks in Japan cost around 200+~ Battle Points. I intend to go for 100 AP before putting the rest of the points into BP, while adding necessary BP to improve deck if required.

- There is no need to spend all your BC for your deck. You can conserve BC if the boss is low on life; just adjust your deck to put out the necessary damage per BP. Or you can "poke" the boss with a single card with the lowest BC to conserve BC.

- Exploring might replenish Action Points or Battle Cost points so always try to spend your Action Points exploring when possible.

- Prioritise Event Exploration first. You might want to repeat the Event exploration for the event points or if there are cards you want in there. Update: There are also daily event exploration and some gives out more experience than the longer-duration evens on average, those normally appear between the long event and non-event everyday.  (It was probably due to the weekday events' double EXP day)You'll have to plan your AP spending between them to maximise level up restore of points.

- Battles in Story does not seem to consume your BC. It gives you back a full bar of BC but you have to clear the fights in 10 minutes. Update: Any leftover BC from the story battle is retained so you can try to use as little as possible to retain usage against Faerie encounters, etc.

- I was checking out the IAP options (in-game currency sale is in USD valuation although the game is in Singapore/Malaysia, so buyers take note). It is interesting that there don't seem to be any single gacha ticket purchase, only a bulk purchase of 11 tickets with 2 AP and BC potions each which will set you back by over $15~. I think it is rather steep so I held back on showing support for the game for now. It might be better to buy BC and AP pots for awaken faerie battles (although it depends on your deck in the first place) and event quest point gatherings. Disregard this as the single gacha ticket in-app purchase was obscure when I had free ones available.

- In Japan version, there were gacha events which gives out points for using gacha tickets in exchange for rare/super rare cards. Although It might take some time to (or never?) arrive, I am saving gacha tickets for those events.

- 1 AP is recovered every 3 minutes, BC every 1 minute.

- Beginning Deck Tip: I currently use only 3 of my highest attack cards for 1 row of attack at this early stage of the game with the intention of increasing another row only when I built up 3 more cards with roughly the same attack. This way, I'm able to attack a few times but I may be forgoing some card combination bonus.

- In PvP, an avatar of a low rarity character usually mean their deck might be weak, although it may be a trick. Sometimes, people do leave behind a low BC card as the single card of the deck. To prevent such cases, create a deck with main cards but include the low BC card. When you are low on BC and you attack, the computer will automatically use that low BC card.

- For reference, I spent over 29 saved free gacha tickets and got no Super Rare card. However, due to the big library of cards and beautiful artwork, I don't feel too bad about it~ I do remember having better luck at the Japan version last time. Edit: The Super Rare Drop rate is still atrocious though...

- Another Deck Tip (Something to try when you have more BC and powerful cards): I recall the Side Stories character combination form combos when place together in deck. (Source: Chinese Wiki, translated version, some words may be "lost" in translation though...) You can see the "Check Combo" section to see the increase in stats. I intend to use the Side Stories combination for the strongest cards before filling up the remaining slots of each row with the highest attack cards. I think it is better not to use a row if you can't fill it up and I do prefer each row to be equally high in attack as possible. Experiment around between this tip and the beginning deck tip and compare for yourself.

- You can tap and hold on the yellow stat increase icons in deck view's "Check Combo" section to see which cards/combination is giving the boost.

- I think it's best to use BC and AP pots for awaken faerie battles (although it depends on your deck in the first place) and event quest point gatherings.

- Each card has a 2 versions; there is another shinier version with slightly better stats.

- Those BC 99 Fairies are the "Silver Chicks/Slimes" of the game. I think the strategy of levelling up your best card one at a time also holds for this game. Update: Best used on Mondays where there is leveling exp x2!

- Getting Super Rare (SR) cards from daily rewards and events to limit break might be potentially more powerful that SR you can get from gacha as those are rare and hard to get multiple copies of.

- Lots of useful tips from the forum here, highly recommended read! I completely miss out on the Weekday Events info!

- List of card combo from the forum here.

- Found this nice page of recommended and popular cards at the Chinese Wiki (translated version, some words may be "lost" in translation though...). Tor, the current event points exchange card is inside! Quite a few of the choices were due to the skills and also the cost effectiveness. Update: The wiki's front page has more, displayed in the middle column.

- Cherry Credits forum thread on Reverse Limit Breaking Guide by Extrone. I know for one that if you feed a higher level card to the lower level version of the card, the experience is not lost like in DC/GC by any percent. This guide explains it and how to make use of it to do power levelling on Mondays. Remember to keep all extra copies of SR cards to do reverse limit breaking. Youtube video demo

- Another highly recommended starter guide from the forum.

- Nice review of the Japan version of the game in this blog post over at Animutiny. It talks about some of the new features that I missed out since I stopped playing, like the job system then so the review also serves as a preview of things to come.