Saturday, March 22, 2014

Million Arthur Singapore and Malaysia Version launched and my game Impressions

Update 26/03/2013: New version has arrived. Current iOS version does not prompt you to update but just restarts the app. I've also noticed that some of the dialogues going into the character name box area, pushing the names into the dialogue box with the next speech. Some of the pop-up prompts have their wording cut off from the side borders too.

Update 25/03/2013: Some of the side story dialogue, which I was assuming to be funny, but it did not turn out that way. I wonder if it got lost in translation.

Update 24/03/2013: Game is running smoothly for the past day. 3 of Gacha Tickets, AP Potions and BC Potions each given out for maintenance.

Update 22/03/2013: Game went through a third Server maintenance and there was very slight improvements and the frequent long connection time and errors were still there.

Update 22/03/2013: Game went into a second Server maintenance for the day since I started playing, probably to support the increasing number of players.

Update 22/03/2013: Game seems to be riddled with lag at the moment. A lot of long connection waits or network connection errors between each action you take in the game, making the game close to unplayable for the time being.

I was playing the Japan version of Million Arthur for a while during my time in GC "era". It was quite fun and casual game with beautiful anime-style art and nice music; it even has an anime-style intro movie.

The game was entirely in Japanese and I couldn't understand the story but the game was attractive enough for me to continue. I was having fun even without spending any money on the Gacha card dispenser machine. There is also coliseum but I wasn't compelled to join unlike GC and DC (perhaps due to me not able to read Japanese!), I really enjoy the casual card collecting style of this game and there was no rush. I eventually stopped playing to focus on GC. Fast forward to today and the English version has just been released in Singapore and Malaysia iOS and Google stores!

iOS App Store link

Google play Store link

Alternative Android apk link

Enter my invite code at startup for a rare card: 1fb2

Note: It appears this English version of the game is a collaboration between Cherry Credits and SquareEnix. I'm guessing Cherry Credits did the English translation.

The game's UI design may be a little cluttered compared to GC/DC; there seem to be tons of options and menu. Tip: Entering of Promo codes or looking for your invite code is actually found in the New button or startup banner list. At least everything is in English now and I'll also be able to finally understand the storyline. (I spotted a bit of typo or mistake in sentence structure though) The only nitpick I have so far is that the game is not supporting the full 4" screen of iPhone 5/5s/5c. I remembered the Japan version did not have borders at the sides but perhaps it was a more advanced version that updated the graphics to be iPhone 5 compatible.