Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 14/15/16 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Pestilent Pluto, next week's Boneyard, forum posts and my suggestions

- Pestilent Pluto gets Physical+4 instead of 3 and has pretty high attack stats. It's great that it saves you on your MP stones. Currently, I think bordered versions of Yang Gui Fei is the best because of her speed, high offensive ability and double cast of +4. Source: Japan Wiki

- Same rules for next week's Boneyard with bordered Lincoln as the reward. Source: Japan Wiki. I don't think we are getting +4 thumb-drives anytime soon as the bordered versions are getting the preferred skill-sets. (For e.g., I strongly believe bordered Marie will get Spitter+4) I'm guessing Lincoln will get some kind of buff skill.

- I got an Elite ticket from lottery recently and caught all 3* at Gould Square. There are many complaints over at the forum's General section over the money spent for Elite hunting and the outcome. Buyers beware!

- Lots of people are posting hunting tips at the forum's Tips & Tricks section. A common one I read is to wait for the zombie that appears at the start to turn vulnerable before shooting. However, I am never quick enough to pull that off and if you wait too long, the shadow might wander off the screen. One useful tip also pointed out that if there are no shadows at the start, it is usually a bird shadow in the air instead and I verified that to be true so far in at least 2 hunts.

My Suggestion on Boosting and Leveling Order
- Suggested Boosting order: 5* > Gold Bordered Zombies (usually the newer ones) > Silver Bordered > Gould Square Zombies > Clayton Cemetery Zombies
Reasoning: Bordered cards should be limited to 3 in the future (if it's like GC) so normal 5* will have better "longevity" while bordered cards might get replaced by better versions each week. I'm predicting a hunting zone limited Boneyard in the near future like in GC and it will probably start with Gould Square. However, if you are halfway through boosting a zombie, it will be better to finish that up before moving on.
*New* I prefer to give priority to boost a stat of a zombie that has buff boost skill; e.g. Titan's Def stat because its of Def+20% skill. Each stat boost is then worth about 1.2 due to the skill so you gain a little more.

- Suggested Leveling order: 5* > Gold Bordered Zombies (usually the newer ones) > Silver Bordered > Gould Square Zombies > Clayton Cemetery Zombies
Reasoning: Similar to Boosting.