Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 3/4/5/6 of March in the Zombie Apocalypse: Clan, hidden jobs, monetization and hunting tips

Clan Event Impressions
-  The first(0th?) clan event were over and I think it was a bit of a disappointment:
+ some of the jobs were difficult to accomplish and the rewards and job hardware rewards were not really enticing
+ there were interesting jobs from the looks of the things we had to collect but there were no accompanying "storyline" like how the normal jobs had where quite a few were hilarious. Clan jobs are just dealt out by the same person with the same lines over and over again till it got old. ("...I'm sure glad that you can't sue...")

- My clan managed to complete 9 jobs; 1 short of the next tier with better rewards. It seemed like the last day's jobs were all do-able so there was an improvement. My clan had quite a good participation rate compared to what the forum people are experiencing.

Hidden Jobs
- Deadman's Cross forum has hidden jobs consolidated here. If you're done with the main ones, you need to redo some to get the hidden ones and the rewards are mostly good. I'll go for the Keys to the City for creatine shake (extra stamina stat) first.

- There seem to be new quests coming in an upcoming server patch too.

DC and Monetisation
- 2 other interesting forum threads: For Science and Failure to monetize

- first one kind of shows the drop rates in the game and I am experiencing the same; elite huntings are mostly 3*.

- second one discusses about monetisation in the game and TychoBrahe and Alpha309 pointed out something I noticed myself, just like in GC.:
+ In GC, I seem to catch more 5* in the beginning which led me to continue buying Special Hunting tickets when new grounds were released. However, the rates seem worse from what I perceived later on in the game and it was similar to DC current rate that I'm experiencing.
+ In DC, the strategy seem to be giving out more items and Elite Hunting opportunities first.

- I like the concept and storyline better in DC as well as the card art, but so far I only bought 1 Elite Hunting ticket and don't intend to spend anymore. For anyone spending or intending to spend money in this game, those 2 links are good reads.

Hunting Tips
- When you are down to 1-2 bullets, a suggestion is to use up the bullets to shoot zombies further in the background like Rooftops because they can't retaliate. Hitting one in the foreground or one of the birds will result in a high chance of them hitting you while you are reloading, wasting some time in your hunt.

- Fun tip: I notice if the hunt takes a while to load, there seems to be slightly more yellow extra time zombies in that particular hunt; useful for Honda's challenge of 18 zombies in a hunt.