Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 7/8 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Charmed

- It first started when I encounter people putting Nun/Nurse as the last card of their deck in Boneyard. The battle came down to the last card and I was annoyed that my deck lost to a 3*, it was using Charm nevertheless.

- I then notice at higher "tier" of the boneyard, people were putting Cleopatra/Rose Gardener as the last card. I realise Charm casters make good last card placement in your deck. More on last card placement:
+ As the last card, I think the ideal case is a zombie with the highest chance of killing any card; a zombie with attack and strain elemental attack like Newton (Phy+4 and Burner+4) or Asura (chiller and transfusion which is physical), although it could get blocked by Titan, or a zombie with double strain elemental attack+4, none at the moment due to the lack of skill thumb-drives.
+ An alternative will be a high attack physical caster as it does not have strain weakness, the only problem is high defence like Titan, Pluto, etc.
+ Charm casters actually makes a good choice for last placement. Even though there is a possibility of failing, I've seen it 1-hit KO even Burner types, type that it should supposedly get blocked. In that sense, you do not worry about getting a bad strain matchup and it does not leave any HP behind due to high intelligence blocking other than that zombie reviving or surviving through skill.

- Another interesting thing about a lot of the Charm casters are that, other than the nurse, they can go double buff/debuff with only the Charm skill as the attack, which guarantees the Charm cast. I think this might be the ideal choice for it to be your last placement card; you don't want Cleopatra to use Phy+2 and miss a chance to 1-hit kill. For Cleopatra placed in the middle of the deck, the Phy+2 will be good to finish off weakened zombies from previous battle.

Update: There is a new Charm 5*, Rubeus and there is some debate whether to keep charmer+3 or the physical+2. He (she?) is similar to Cleopatra, as they both have an option to keep physical+2. I've been using Cleopatra for a while and while physical+2 can finish off weaker opponents leftover from the previous attack, there are times where she choose to use it instead of Charm against a full health opponent. I guess it is all down to placement in deck.

If you expect to use the Charmer before a elemental+3 caster for example, the physical+2 will be more useful.

If you position the Charmer to face a full health opponent or you want to use it at the last position of the deck, then you have to make sure the Charmer cast nothing but Charm spells. As mentioned earlier, you want your last position card to be able to kill anything and Charm skills fit it perfectly; it kills everything, even those strain that are more resistant to it.

There are times when I do wish I skilled Cleopatra with the 2 debuffs and lone offensive Charm+3.