Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 19 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Next Clan Job's rewards

- I fired up Japan version DC to check out the banner about the latest upcoming Clan Job, Rewards for top 2 tier includes Bordered version of Yuki Onna and boosts just like the weekly Boneyard rewards. I'm guessing she get Chiller+4 for this version and there is also no sign of +3/+4 skill thumb-drives anytime soon.

Rewards from Japan DC
20-21 Quests Completed (!)
- Pestilent Yuki Onna
- Gold Sneakers x2
- Gold Dictionary x2

16-19 Quests Completed (!)
- Virulent Yuki Onna
- Gold Sneakers x1
- Gold Dictionary x1

8-15 Quests Completed
- Gold Chick
- Luxury Sneakers x2
- Luxury Dictionary x2

0-7 Quests Completed
- Silver Chick
- Energy potion x1

This clan event should hopefully get more participation with these card rewards as the previous clan event was kind of lacklustre. However, I foresee a difficulty in getting anywhere near 16 quests, given the difficulty of the previous clan jobs as well as participation. Anyway, time to start saving up on your spare hunting tickets!