Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 24/25 in the Zombie Apocalypse: First Clan Event Impressions and Boneyard bug (Update with Clan Event Suggestion)

Update #3: Bordered Yuki Onna skillset is out: Japan Wiki. Chiller+4 as I expected.

Update #2: The last day's first Clan job is 135 Bird and Beast silhouettes each. I now catch 3 Magicians altogether from 2 hunts and people report the same from the forum about getting Magicians now too. There are also now very few Birds and Beasts shadows (birds especially). If odds are going to be against the players even with a difficult quest conditions, I'm definitely staying clear of future Clan Events...

Update #1: The 17th Clan job was really just plain frustrating and ridiculous; 90 Magicians but there are so many types of male shadow drops. I used around 9 hunting tickets or more, countless male shadows hunted but only caught 1 magician. It seems like the Elite Hunting drop rate for 5*... Even if you have completed all the previous jobs, failing this means no more Gold Bordered Yuki Onna. I think she is going to be a very rare card... This job should have been an all player event like the GC Slime hunt.

- The first Clan Event was better than the previous 0th one; better rewards, more manageable quests and storyline. However, some people over at the forum were still grouped into Clans with many inactive participants, thus it ended up depending on your luck to a certain extent. While I was lucky to be in an active clan, I still personally find the whole event to be too time consuming to be fun (People are not that active participating because it takes too much time? Maybe we have another loop going on here...):
  • Most people have work or school and you also need to account for the sleeping and miscellaneous time spend doing other things everyday. You need to complete 3 jobs with your clan-mates and even if everybody chipped in, you will probably still spend a lot of time trying to complete as fast as possible due to the 24 hour time limit as well as being unable to know if your other clan-mates will rush the event with you. Personally, I find it too time taxing.
  • Although the gold boost rewards are good, the bordered card reward, being a 4+* and the Boneyard limiting them to 1, is really not that attractive. I think only a bordered Minotaur will be most viable, given the limited choice allowed in Boneyard. With that said, I'm guessing the limit might be raised to 2 soon with this Clan Event providing more bordered cards to players.
  • I'm most likely going to skip the future Clan Events entirely (except perhaps for Minotaur) as I prefer to play more casually. If you find yourself not having a lot of time to spend on the game, I urge you to give Clan Events a skip and let the more active players have a better chance.
  • Update #1: Here are my suggestions to improve Clan Event. I think the Clan system has the opportunity to become another main Game loop other than the current Boneyard loop:
    • Use the Clash of Clan style for clans: Allow people to form their own permanent clans and be able to kick out players as well as provide a Clan chat. Maybe increase Clan size to 50. This should solve the luck problem of forming clans. Update #2: Allowing clan formation will help to allow people in the same time region to form up. Allowing clan chat will help to spur spending to complete quest with "peer pressure"; you are more likely to spend money if you know your clan people are also spending to complete quests.
    • Turn Clan Events into a bi-weekly event with limitless quests for clans to take on. Tabulate final score based on the number of quests completed after 2 weeks. This might balance out the time consumption of Clan Quests.
  • I prefer the GC events where every player in the game contributed to catch a certain number of Slimes.
- It's been so many Boneyard Cups and I'm still hit but by a bug where I'm unable to enter Boneyard. Game is stuck in loading the Boneyard. It solved itself for a while but I got it again now. One of the solution is to enter the Boneyard from another device.