Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 1/2 of March in the Zombie Apocalypse: Error 8204

- DC Server overload for the last day of Boneyard where players get Error 8204 were not able to log into the game for very long periods of time. I think the clan jobs might have contributed to the issue as the 3rd jobs were the hardest and many people must have rushed to complete them. The percentage of players below level 9 were higher than the rest of the players so there were more and more new players joining the game; 60%:40%. The long periods of downtime, especially on the last day of Boneyard, makes for a disappointing experience for many players I believe.

- March daily rewards are kind of disappointing to me; only 600 coins for 2 Elite hunting and they are spaced out 3 early in the month while the other 3 later in the month. With no Elite hunting tickets given from Boneyard rewards, GC is much more generous in this aspect.

- Next week's Boneyard rules can be viewed at the Japan Wiki Site; still 2 tiers but 1 bordered-card allowed for middle tier.

- I saw Chiller skill critical hitting Charmer strain and it was not listed in the Strain table in the game's help section.