Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hearthstone launched, Day 10//11/12 in the Zombie Apocalypse: Typos in Hunt Jobs & Version 1.0.3

I interrupt my daily posts from New Livingston to bring you news that Hearthstone has launched! If you were not already playing the open beta, I think this is worth checking out; it's free to play anyway. Here are my impressions of the game.

- The folks over at the forum has pointed out that there are typo errors in the hunt jobs; Honda's Challenge 6 should be in Gould Square instead of Clayton. TheBard mentioned that Forbidden Experiment's capture 40 deadman should be just 30. I verified with Japan Wiki and can only confirm about Honda Challenge 6's mistake.

- Version 1.0.3 is coming. Since new quests, clan jobs and 3 tiers of Boneyard should already be in the system and I don't think will require a new version for them to be activated (activate through server patching), I'm guessing it is either a new hunting ground, more bug fixes and features that couldn't be patched like more player levels perhaps...

Update: I started up JP version of Deadman's Cross just to find out about 1.0.3. It turns out I was close, 4 new zombies in Gould Square; 2 5*, a 4*+ and a 4*. Here are the in-game screenshots:

I'm guessing we might see our first Slasher+4 caster, 5* Joan of Arc...

Update: Shadows are out at Japan Wiki. Joan of Arc is actually half-body instead of the lady shadow, looks like a physical attacker from her stats and early skills. Her stats are also looking to be very high... The other 5* is a mage from the stats.