Friday, October 16, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Halloween Gacha Card review

I created a thread over at the Puzzle and Dragons Forum and all the card/lineup information, as well as GameWith and Game8 card rating links are found there:

Here's my thoughts on the Halloween-themed cards in this gacha which has a really stacked lineup due to the addition of Archdemon Pantheon, Wizards, Fairy Tale series as well as Summer Event Gold egg Chibis:

Halloween Laila
A good dark sub for dark row teams but now that the top dark leaders are mostly using TPAs, it isn't that useful now.

Halloween Vampire
It's not as good as the normal Dark Valkyrie (especially her UVO version) or the Summer Event's Beach Valkyrie, nevertheless a useful fast dark heartbreaker.

Halloween Izanami
The normal dark Izanami is so much better and the additional awakenings on this halloween version doesn't save her.

Halloween Thoth & Sopdet
The awakenings are quite good but I can only see this being a sub for Juggler and especially Typhon teams.

Halloween Alraune
I personally find her awakenings quite poor although she is the first REM unbindable AS bind clearer for dark. There are currently a lot of cards with skill bind resist awakening and if you have enough on a team, using the farmable Aamir instead of her actually provides more with a time extend awakening.

Halloween Sonia
The first dark Sonia and she is pretty much a variation of Blue Sonia but with UVO RSonia's increase attack multiplier from 6 combos. I think being a combo leader, she is lacking a time extend awakening. Instead, she just pretty much just copied all of Blue Sonia's awakenings and changed the blue orb enhance to dark. She can pair with Awoken Norse, Idunn & Idunna, nicely to form a tank team that is similar to Beelzebub/RSonia. As a board changer, Haku remains as dark's best option IMO.

Halloween Kali
As a sub, this is basically a dark version of Light Kali. As a leader, she has the highest multiplier for tank leaders at 5x. She can be bought from the MP shop but personally, I don't think she is worth 300MP as she is not on level of most of the MP dragons. An exception might be for players who cannot get Light Kali from normal REM but have teams that require her. This is pretty much the closest you will get to having a Light Kali on sale in the MP shop.

Looking at the list of Halloween cards above, the gacha isn't really worth rolling. With the huge list of non-Halloween cards in the Gacha, it makes it even worse IMO. With the Archdemon pantheon and wizard series at 2x rates, you're most probably going to get the silver egg Fairy Tale girls or wizard series. They might be slightly more useful than the usual silver egg chibis from this kind of events which is about the only good thing I can think of for it.