Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Future Scope: Rebirth System + Guardian Classifications

Nicely summarised and explained by Haruno over at the It arrived in Japan version in their recent 1.3 update. It should be our 1.2  update.

My thoughts on it:

- It now takes 2 copies of a guardian and 170-190 levels (4*/5*) to max a guardian because you are essentially training 3 guardians to max 1.

- It will discourage trading to some extent as now we want to keep our extra cards.

- The new types are potentially better than Ace as I think Guardians are classified into 3 main types: Speedster, Tanker, Magic Nuker. Agility, HP and Intelligent could be the most important stat and the 15% increase in those areas could be the deciding factors in battles. It is also statistically harder to get 2 of the same guardian to rebirth compared to rebirthing an Ace with any other type.

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