Saturday, July 13, 2013

Games after I stopped playing Guardian Cross Part 1

Guardian Cross(GC) has been updated to 2.0 and brings with it many new features. I did not update but was please to know that I logged in once recently and found all my cards intact and my account not banned(for stop using?). On Yugioh video game news, there were surprisingly no more portable console games so far. The latest game was Decade Duels Plus for the PS3 and xbox360 which I read had bad reviews. There is a demo but I have yet to try. I think I have now forgotten most of the Yugioh rules!

The games I'm playing now is mostly League of Legends and the occasional Clash of Clan on iOS devices. Those are not digital card games which is the focus of this blog but I did try a few after GC.

Order & Chaos Duels(iOS Devices)
The game has some aspects of Yugioh in the use of the playing field. I played for maybe 1 hour before I stopped as it was quite boring to me.

iTunes App Store link: Order & Chaos Duels - Trading Card Game - Gameloft

Might & Magic Duel of Champions(iPad)
This game looks promising. I like that there are decks and boosters to buy in the store and thought this was going to be the next Magic: The Gathering Digital equivalent. However, I soon found out that the gameplay was similar to Order & Chaos Duels except it had a little bit more variation in that there is a minor real-time strategy in positioning of cards. The straw that broke the camel's back was that the version that I played at that time had a bug where you will get logged out after a period of time. It ended matches in a loss and make for a very unsatisfying gameplay experience. I stopped after a few hours of gameplay and subsequent updates didn't mention that this problem was solved and I slowly moved on anyway. The game is also available on PC.

iTunes App Store link: Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Ubisoft  Game has been removed

Tekken Card Tournament (iOS Devices)
This was a game I was looking forward to after hearing it reported on gaming sites. It didn't disappoint. The gameplay was simple enough like GC to pick up and yet has some deck building strategy as well.  It is much deeper than just rock-scissor-paper mechanics on the surface.

Most of the cards are attainable other than the Super Rare cards which depended on availability in the Market with money, unlike in GC. Namco Bandai, the company of the game, also responded fast to players' feedbacks and respond. For example, hackers with instant win cheat was stopped in about 1-2 weeks.

I had quite a lot of fun and played for around 2 or so weeks. I managed to make 2 gold decks by spending 1/3 to 1/4 of what I pay for GC. You can also slowly grind and upgrade your cards from bronze to silver to gold. However, the tournament is somewhat like GC in which you have to keep on grinding matches to earn more tournament points, something I got tired of.

I thought of making posts about the game but didn't settle down to start it. The game has constant updates to the cards to balance things and the most recent update added a new character, Heihachi. I will provide some tips I gather from my short playing time:
  1. Not really a tip but I found the instructions and rules to be unclear about this. They are now in the FAQ(I think it was added later because I never saw them mentioned before) but really should be in the rules: 
    • U with a circle on the card stands for Unique which means 1-per-deck. I was thinking of some broken endless chain combo before I found out...
    • Super Rare(SR) cards are 1-per-deck too! Don't buy more than 1! You can have 1 more SR Power Card in your deck though.
  2. I personally only buy Ultra Pack and use the gold to combine or buy cards. 3 Rare cards can be "exchanged" for 1 Rare card of your choice through selling and buying for gold.
  3. Best cards are normally the Unique ones and the one that grants an ability on appearance. Next are those that can force an ability based on opponent's action. Most of the tips on other card games can be applied here: 
    • Get the max number of a good card (1 or 3) in your deck to increase your chance of drawing it
    • Know and memorise your deck. There are only 15 cards and you can easily predict your next draw
  4. This game requires quick mathematics calculation but don't forget to take into account the card abilities.
  5. The fighters all have a certain theme and strategy to build around. It is best to focus on 1 deck, building it to gold.
  6. Check this blog for more tips and guides. I think the fighter analysis (2 so far) are great and informative.
The game is available for Android and playable on Internet Browsers too.

iTunes App Store link: Tekken Card Tournament - NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S.
It is the same game as the previous years but the most notable inclusion is the drafting mode. You get to build a deck from opening packs and use it to complete the campaign or go multiplayer with it. It is free to try and you unlock 2 slots after purchasing the game. Additional slots can be bought and you can unlock up to 20. Each slot is fixed to the packs you opened and there were some complains about the way the mode is but I think the drafting feature is a very neat addition to the game. The game is available on the PC, PS3 and xbox 360.

iTunes App Store link: Magic 2014 - Wizards of the Coast

With Hearthstone still some time away from launch, I'm not sure if I will play it too. Back to the Field of Justice in the League of Legends...