Sunday, November 17, 2013

Puzzle & Dragons: Colour VS Combo Spike Leaders

Colour matching and combo making are the 2 essential parts of the gameplay of PAD. You need to do those even if you are not using the colour or combo spike leaders. Those leaders just make your skilled play more rewarding. A lot of them are also essential for clearing the harder dungeons in the later part of the game. Yukine of PAD forum has come up with a nice writeup on the different leaders in the game. You can also use the other leaders but my favourite ones are those 2 and I gathered some notes on my experience using them:

Colour Spike Leaders
- Sun Deity Ra: I managed to get some friend Ra leaders. His leader skill is do-able but I guess it is not possible all the time (61% chance for any given board). You get a great sense of achievement if you pull it off and very good damage!

- Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya: I really want one! She is known to be very powerful with a team that is farmable. I don't really have problems matching 4 specific colours but again, the statistics is 68% chance for any given board. Sample Kirin guide by pleb in the forums. Check our his signature for the team: Kirin, Echidna, Hera-Is, Valkyrie, Verche. His guide can be use for any 4-5 colour leaders with a little modification

- Gods of Fish & Game, Umisachi & Yamisachi (Umi&Yami): Another 4-colour leader like Kirin but he does not use fire so Echidna's very useful delay is missing. You can use the Dark/Light Batman but he is very hard to get and the Batcha machine is gone for now. There are also people putting Echidna in a slot anyway and I think she will still get the multipliers if you activate and she attacks as well. His active skill makes bursting much easier than Kirin. His team seems to comprise of a lot of Rare Egg machine (REM) monsters but I think farmable ones are possible as you can try to follow something similar to Kirin's team: maybe Umi & Yami, Vampire/Chaos Dragon Knight, Hera-Is, Valkrie, Siren.

- Flame Deity Falcon Horus: I manage to roll one in a JP account for fun. Matching any 4 colours is not difficult at all with a little planning. His activation rate is about 96% and I think he is fun to use. His team is also farmable, given that pleb went through most of the early stages with him. The hobgoblin is probably not need given Horus' higher activation rate percentage.

- Tri-Colour Chinese Gods: I find matching 3 colours to be even easier personally. The multiplier is only x3.5 though. Their active skills help make bursting easier. pleb's guide can again be modified for use but Genbu and Seiryuu are trickier without Echidna and requiring the Batman-s for delay.

- AB Bluebird Blues (Upcoming Angry Bird Collab): 10 cost 4 stars monster so the stats aren't high. You get x2.5 when Fire, Water and Wood attack together. His skill is very useful as it is Neptune's poison, best for high defence low HP enemies. I think he will make a good leader for low cost dungeon in the future and if you do not have a colour spike leader, you can play around with him to get some experience.

Combo Spike Leaders
All combo spike leaders have the benefit of going monocolour or splashing 4 colours of another colour or going rainbow.

- Hell Deity Jackal Anubis: I read forum people calling him the #onetruegod and he definitely deserves it. If you can pull of his leader skill with an Anubis friend leader, the damage is x100! He will definitely be easier to use in tricolour dungeons but still too difficult to pull of in my opinion. Unless you are paprika0509...

- BAO Robin+E. Stick: Same as Anubis. I just find comboing above 5 to be too difficult and inconsistent for me without relying on skyfalling orbs to match more. Check out paprika0509 for more crazy Robin videos

- Goddess of Rice Fields, Kushinada: There was quite a lot of hype for her as she gets her multiplier early but having rolled and used her. I find that you still require 7 combos or more and that will only give you the Chinese Gods multiplier, whereas the matching 3 specific colour just seems so much easier for me. Her active skill is really good though and she will make a very good team member. RUGIABAKU has some crazy videos on her!

- Love Deity Feline of Harmony, Bastet: A lower combo count compared to Kushinada making her slightly easier to use. Her ultimate evolved version gains a healer type to combo well with the healer team making her even more powerful.

- Founder of Nations, Okuninushi: I still find Horus easier for a x4 multiplier. He benefits from being dark and able to use the Rainbow Keepers and Dub-mythlits early. azunyan0000 is the one with the crazy videos on him.

That's all the colour and combo spike leaders so far.