Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Metal Slug Defense Latest Update Impressions

Update 13 July 2014: The update is out but I've been busy with Magic 2015. Edit: I manage to try 1.30 out and this time round, there are a lot more content.

Update 10 July 2014: The latest 1.30 ver update is out for Android currently and according to the people over at the TouchArcade forums, Trevor has been nerfed while others like Leona and Abul Abbas has been buffed. The update also brings new Emergency Missions that are day-specific (A particular one appearing on each day of the week) as well as new units.

It's nice to see the game getting updated with new stuff and here's a run through of them:

1) Addition of new France and Mexico areas (This is a new map with no POW in them and so far, no new emergency area that I know of. I've completed them with my maxed level un-locked units. It was not much of a challenge although there notably a new "expert" difficulty for the last stage. This being on a new map means more stages probably to come!)

2) Addition of new Trevor Spacey, Nadia Cassel unit characters (I'm reading from the TouchArcade forums Emuchu that Trevor is over-powered. I believe as the update progresses, the new units being introduced will be more powerful and make old units "outdated" to get the players to spend more.)

3) Introduction of a 5-level rank & reward system depending on your stage clear time (I managed to get S for all the new maps except for the penultimate stage of the second area)

4) Addition of Area Clear Time Rankings in which players compete against each other for the best stage clear time

5, 6, 7 & 11) Introduction of a 22-level rank system for Wi-Fi VS Battle that counts your total score, Addition of Matching Conditions to Wi-Fi VS Battle allowing players to battle against other players of a close rank, Addition of a new in-game Good Job! Icon, allowing players to send and display it on the opponents game screen & Addition of Avatar Icons: you can show your favorite avatar icon to your opponent during Wi-Fi VS Battle (Many improvements to online battling which will probably be a welcome to many, this feature is probably the main "money-spinner" for the game)
8) Unit Action Confirmation: every units attack can be now confirmed from the Customize and Shop game screens (This is a preview of the attack animations and I don't think the special attack gets shown. It is a nifty feature to have but I think there is room for improvement) Edit: Tap the characters to display their special attack animation.

9) Addition of a new Login Bonus (when you login for 10 days) (Mainly items and I don't see any new units)

10) Increase of the charging speed for the METAL SLUG ATTACK depending on units sortie number
(Maybe the game designers want the pace of the game to be more frantic and to differentiate a player's level)