Monday, July 14, 2014

Metal Slug Defense ver 1.3.0 New Emergency Missions

Emuchu has a great summary of the version overview over at the Touch Arcade forums. Nothing much else to add except I've taken an interest in the new Emergency Missions, in particular the new Hell difficulty for the last stage. (The new mission mode do enable you to try out different units from the shop which is nice!) They last for the entire day now and rescuing enough POW unlocks new units. I'll be trying to see if I can beat them without any shop units. One improvement I hope for is that we can have deck arrangement sorting via AP cost, health, attack, etc. The current sorting options aren't very useful IMO. It will also be nice for SNK Playmore to provide balance changes to the units in notes as a heads-up.

Sunday - Saudi Arabia

The final third stage was one of the toughest battle for me so far. It is basically a boss battle with the Iron Nokana coming to your base at alarming speed.

My usual deck and deployment that has been completing all the previous stages easily was not working. I only figured out how to beat it after countless tries and seeing which unit stood a chance. DI-Cokka managed to last quite a while all the other soldiers died very quickly. The battle was so fast that you probably will never reach your high AP cost units. I thought I finally had to resort to shop units.

I first went back to deck selection and took out the units that are not working for this stage and ended up putting Mars Unit and Hopper Mecha in. To my surprise, I spamming Hopper Mecha was the key to victory. No shop units used!

Monday - Vietnam

Another hell difficulty third stage but this time, it was not as difficult as Saudi Arabia. It is similar to an earlier boss fight where the stage is only about 1 screen with the A.I. base switching over to a long beam cannon occasionally. I am sticking with the Mars Unit and Hopper Mecha from Sunday's deck (lazy to change) and win by playing normally. Edit: Found the boss name: T-770 Tetsuyuki 

Tuesday - Kazakhstan

*Tip: When the emergency banner flashes, the final stage boss of the mission is shown*

The hell difficulty third stage consist of shoe and karn (if I'm not wrong) advancing towards your base and is similar to Sunday one. I was prepared this time thanks to that battle with Hopper Mecha around in the deck. I only managed to win with about 1HP left for the base but at least I did not waste any stamina. The strategy was to put out DI-Cokka with Hopper Mecha and Abul Abbas advancing and tanking.

I notice the in-game main image is still flashing that the "next version update" will contain the fat version of the Metal Slug characters...

Wednesday - Galapagos Island

This hell difficulty third stage is also a repeat of a previous boss stage where a giant crab with cannons on top, Huge Hermit, bears down on your base clearing the platforms on a faster speed. I lost the first 2 tries as I tried to ramp up to the higher AP cost units like Elephant slug which was definitely a wrong move. The winning strategy I used was Hopper Mecha, Mars Unit, Tarma with DI-Cokka at the back. For all these boss stages that rely on speed, faster low AP cost units are the way to go.

Thursday - South Africa

This time round, the hell difficulty third stage is 3 Jupiter Kings. Due to their slow movement and I think also their nerfs, this stage is not as difficult as the other fast advancing boss emergencies. I continued using my the same deck and was able to survive to even cast Donald Morden.

Friday - Russia

The boss is 2 Monoeye this time around. They are a little slow moving like Thursday's Jupiter Kings so it wasn't a very tough fight. The stage went long enough for me to summon the high AP units.

Side-note: I tried out the missions and notice Leona's special attack is able to block projectiles, which is very nifty. A lot of the end missions are able the proper timing of the use of the units' special attacks.

Saturday - France (Northern)

The boss this time is Dragon Nosuke. This 3rd stage is slightly difficult but I still managed to win with Allen O'Neil-s, so increase AP generation to ramp up to the high AP units.

This concludes the ver 1.3.0 emergency missions. I personally find the Sunday's mission to be the most difficult due to the speed it comes at your base.