Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pokemon TCG Online Soft launches in Canada (Update: Launched worldwide)

Update#2: Some iPad impressions  from Reddit.

Update#1: The game is now launched worldwide. The people over at the forum thread link below are reporting that the game constantly download card art assets and uses up a lot of storage space on the device. I did notice constant downloading of card art assets on the computer version too so I guess it is part of the design. The space issue where card art assets steadily grow can be a problem if your iPads do not have much space left. Overall, I don't think the response in the forum were overly positive about the game. You can check out tips I compiled while trying out the Computer version here.

iOS App Store link

You'll need a Canada App Store account but I'll probably just wait for the official release. However, The game is only playable on an iPad with Retina display so I'll be unable to play with my iPad2. There is a forum thread over at Touch Arcade so you'll be able to read some early impressions over there.