Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golbez/Limited Edition Promotional Cards Event in JP GC

Info of the JP GC Banner announcement here

Japan GC is getting the normal version of Golbez in a limited event till 20 Jan 2013. You'll have to hunt it from Deadmoon Desert during this period or join in a Twitter contest whereby you tweet your JP GC Invitational code through Twitter from in-game invite options.

During this same period, you also be able to catch all promotional cards including the 1st Invitational Guardians in the Desert Hunting Ground. Golbez and Lord of Inferno should be both Giants and the only shaped ones in Desert.

Golbez is essentially a Darkness type version of Gilgamesh and the reborn type gains Last Stand to "fully-copy" Gilgamesh. He has Massive Cunning over Gilgamesh's Massive Haste. If Golbez arrives at our English shores, his massive cunning will most probably be replaced.

I also discovered something interesting will going through the catalogs:

In English Catalog but not available yet
Lich (4* Male Humanoid Page 11/28 last slot on the rightmost, next to the 4 Glaverow huge guardians, Byakko, etc)
Goblin & Hydra (SQEX Members 3* cards, Male Humanoid and Serpent, Page 12/28 with 1st Invitational guardians.)
Golbez (5* Giant Page 27/28, Next to the FF IV guardians)

Missing from our English Catalog
Behemoth (4* wolf, supposed to be on the 2nd Invitational guardians page along Bahamut)
Rainin Dongo (4* Male Humanoid, same as above)

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