Monday, February 4, 2013

Future Scope: Deadmoon Desert New Guardians

The JP Wiki page is taking a while to input the information but MetalStitch of has covered all the new 5* here. (I'm getting real lazy) Not much info on the 4*, I think they are both earth types. The art of all of them look pretty good, even the 2* and 3*.

Here are my comments on the new 5*:

Pandora, Light-type

She(?) is versatile for most type as she can learn all 3 different debuffs. Weakness (Attack debuff) seems the most unhelpful but I think it has a use against those high attack Last Stand Guardians. Those guardians come back to do a normal attack and weakness might ensure survival.

She also has self-destruct and looks like she will have another tough to decide skill moveset like Mict. (Read "To Self-destruct or not to self-destruct")

Anubis, Death-type

MetalStitch is comparing him to Frankenstein, which is true, but I also think he is the Death version of Atlas. He learns double attack buff. (20% and 25% mind you, no 10%) JP Wiki is recommending that along with a physical+3 skill. His artwork rocks!

Kali, Darkness-type

Fully agree with MetalStitch on this one, she is the darkness version of Shiva. She is versatile enough with proper natural skills (no +4 stones required) to be a physical or elemental attacker.

Marchosias, Mecha-type

It has cool-looking art but I think his skills are a little boring. I think there is an unwritten rule that all Mecha-types will have Quick Strike. (Pre-Desert 5* guardians all get them after reborn, except Gigantua) Mecha-types are also either high attack and agility or high attack and defence.

Update: I just checked the GC Quicksand, this metal dragon now has the highest attack, higher than Nuada... and it has Quick Strike! The other big surprise from the Quicksand Site is that one of the earth 4* has very high defence. Anubis also has higher HP than Rubicante.

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