Monday, February 25, 2013

To Self-Destruct Or Not to Self-Destruct Part 3

Valentine Spector
This recent Coliseum reward is probably the one of the best Self-destruct user. She is the souped-up version of Crocell.

Almighty Sexy Full Stoned MP: 8710
Almighty Brave Full Stoned MP: 7370
Almighty Others Full Stoned MP: 8040

Mighty Sexy Full Stoned MP: 6500
Mighty Brave Full Stoned MP: 5500
Mighty Others Full Stoned MP: 6000

Great Sexy Full Stoned MP: 4940
Great Brave Full Stoned MP: 4180
Great Others Full Stoned MP: 4560

Assuming wisdom +20% and 2 cast of +4, 200 + 1200 + 1200 = 2600MP used, great versions deal around 2000 damage. I got a Brave but I will be sticking with Self-destruct as I prefer it over the wisdom debuff. For all types, she has enough to cast a third +4 if she survives. Mighty version's self-destruct deals close to 3000 while Almighty ones should be able to kill even tankers.

Upcoming cards
Nuada (Great version)
At this point of reading, if you still think self-destruct is very good and better than maybe, Last Stand, Square Enix shows you why it's not. The Mighty and Almighty versions all get Last Stand. Nuada's Last Stand with normal attack after killing 2 guardians, does more damage than Self-destruct in the same scenario.

Like Gigantua, you can except a higher MP with other stats unchanged from the normal version.

She is a new Desert 5* with Self-destruct. I think her stats are very similar to Pandora with a +4. We'll take a look again when she arrives in International GC.

Note: Agni gets self-destruct after reborn and all the above MP calculation will probably have to be redone. Self-destruct might become better after reborn due to the higher possible MP stats. Spector also gets self-destruct and reborn 4* are roughly equivalent to 5* level of power so she's worth a look.

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