Monday, February 4, 2013

Guardian Cross: Reborn 5*/4* New Abilities

Update 25/02/2013: Rebirth is here! Updated all 5* with comments.

Copied from Rebirth system is coming this month here and I want to add some of my comments to the new abilities. I bold the new skill additions that I think will make a difference. I might come back to comment on the rest.


Apsara: AGI/WIS +10%
Personally, I prefer a self-buff to a debuff of the opponent. I'll replace Mind Blast wisdom debuff with this.

Azi Dahaka: DEF/WIS +10%
I think the slow agility debuff should get replaced with this.

Frankenstein: DEF +25%
Attack>Defence in this game but since Frankie's skill-set has no buffs, this skill is definitely a keeper.

Gargantua: ATK +25%
One of its best stat just got better. Similar to Frankie, it has no buffs in its skill-set so why not.

Leviathan: Revive
Revive on any 5* is worth looking out for.

Phoenix: ATK/WIS +10%
The attack boost does help after it revives with no MP remaining. However, it is possible that Elemental Casters require 2 +4 elemental skills so you got to calculate the max wisdom stats to see how viable is this buff.

Titan: ATK +25%
I'm looking at double attack buff to create an Atlas/Anubis clone.

Valkyrie: WIS +25%
One of its best stat just got better.

Vampire Matron: AGI/WIS +10%
Similar to Phoenix.

Agni: Self-Destruct
Requires further investigation on how much MP is left after casting +4 twice.

Bahamut: ATK/WIS +10%
There are people skilling it with triple buffs; all the buffs available to it. Its attack does get very high. I think Bahamut is effectively a physical attacker if it isn't already is. Double attack buffs unless your Bahamut is Intelligent/Wise.

Chariot: Quick Strike
I think a no attack skill skill-set might be viable with Ace(?) versions but requires testing. On paper, a normal attack should kill whatever's left from Quick Strike. The agility boost might result in double strikes after the first attack. Not sure how this will fare in high level coliseum though.

Dominion: ATK/WIS +10%
Similar to Bahamut but he/she has lower HP.

Ettin: AGI/WIS +10%
Again, I prefer self-buff over debuffing opponent. If you've kept the Mind Blast wisdom debuff, here's your chance to change. I'll consider this new skill an upgrade over single Wisdom 10% buff but do check your MP available.

Gilgamesh: AGI +25%
I  personally prefer Last Stand to this.

Ifrit: ATK +25%
One of its best stat just got better.

Juggernaut: Quick Strike
His agility is still too low but his attack is Bahamut/Dominion level. The Quick Strike will pack quite a punch!

Lightning Lord: WIS -20%
This better guarantees the first kill.

Mephistopheles: AGI/WIS +10%
It is a elemental attacker so you decide between 2 +4 skills or double wisdom buff. It's wisdom gets very high after the buffs.

Sucellus: ATK/WIS +10%
He has no other buffs so why not.

Atlas: Last Stand
Sky-high Attack + Last Stand = win

Fujin: Revive
I'm sure there is an unwritten rule somewhere by Square Enix when creating Cards with Revive that they should not be too powerful for balance purposes. This reborn card now breaks the rule.

Morrighan: Last Stand
Sky-high Attack + Last Stand = win. Personally, I will choose this over Quick Strike.

Hoarfrost Phoenix: AGI/WIS +10%
Don't bother going down the no attack skill route because it doesn't get an attack buff. Quick Strike and Revive are both good and you'll need a +3/+4 elemental skill so...

Crocell: AGI/WIS +10%
She gets a chance to become like Mict with double Wisdom buff. Read my posts on Self-destruct for my analysis on that.

Raijin: Revive
See Fujin.

Shiva: AGI/WIS +10%
Most likely you'll remove the greater protect defence buff for this.

Stymphalian Bird: Quick Strike
See Chariot. Chariot is better with the attack buff over Bird's Defence buff which only ensures the first kill.

Thor: ATK/DEF +10%
Original skill-set is still better like Nuada's.

Banshee Serenade: DEF/AGI +10%
Unfortunately, no new wisdom buff so she should stick with 2 +4 and the original wisdom buff. Original skill-set is better.

Behemoth: ATK/DEF +10%
No attack skills (all buffs and Last Stand) may not be viable because it is too slow? It does get sky high defence so may be worth a try if you do not have difficulty getting physical attack stones to re-skill later.

Mictlantecuhtli: DEF/AGI +10%
Similar to Serenade. Original skill-set is better.

Nuada: ATK/DEF +10%
Original skill-set is still better like Thor's.

Sphinx Empress: WIS +20%
This replaces Mind Blast if it is a elemental attacker type.

Lord of the Inferno: ATK/DEF +10%
This is interesting as JP Wiki actually recommends a physical attack stoning as its attack gets pretty high. I think that will be the best build for it.

Iron Maiden: ATK/AGI +10%
No attack skill build? It's speed is not as high as Chariot and Bird so I think it's not viable. The agility buff definitely needs to be replaced with this new skill though.

Banshee Requiem: Darkness +4
Not much use if you can get +4 stones easily but I think a +4 is better than the double 10% buffs.

Barbariccia: AGI +25%
Original skill-set is better.

Cagnazzo: WIS +25%
Last Stand and wisdom +25% are both essential IMO.

Rubincante: ATK +25%
One of the first few guardian which people tried triple buffs. You can always re-skill him again later and a +3 physical might be enough.

Scarmiglione: Revive
Revive on any 5* is worth looking out for.

Golbez: Last Stand
It is still just not as good as the color bordered counterpart IMO.

Hecatoncheir : ATK/WIS +10%

Ramiel: DEF/WIS +10%

Seiryuu: DEF/AGI +10%

Narasimha: AGI +20%

Vamp : Revive
One of the best 4* just reached 5* level and gained Revive.

Specter : Self-destruct

Bune : AGI +20%
Not useful as Wisdom plays a huge role in Death Skills; if death caster's wisdom stat is lower than opponent, death does not get casted.

Dullahan: Quick Strike

Revenant: ATK +20%
It was a physical attacker anyway and that aspect got a good boost.

Byakko: ATK/DEF +10%

Talos: Unknown

Dwarf Gear: Def-20%

Suzaku: WIS +20%

Cerebus: Unknown

Peri: DEF/WIS +10%

Fafnir: ATK/DEF +10%

Caim: WIS/AGI +10%

Brigid: DEF/WIS +10%

Aym: ATK/WIS +10%

Atar: WIS +20%

Kraken: ATK/DEF +10%

Genbu: Water+3

Anahita: WIS +20%

Jotunn: ATK/WIS +10%

Skadi: AGI +20%

Forneus: Unknown

Golem: Last Stand
Same as Vampire, one of the best 4* got promoted to 5* level along with a good new skill.

Jormungandr: ATK/DEF +10%

Giant: ATK/AGI +10%

Bugbear: Revive

Qiong Ji: Wind+3
Need to look at its final stats to see if Wisdom stat got boosted to Attack stat level.

Pazuzu: ATK +25%
I think SE recognised that it was underpowered.

Garuda: Wind+3

Wyvern: Unknown

Rudra: WIS/AGI +10%

Medusa: Wis+25%
Much more useful over the other double 10% buffs.

Pablisag: Poison+4
A 4* gets a +4! E'nuff said.

Taowu: ATK +20%
Helps its Last Stand move.

Angel: WIS +20%
Best stat got boosted

Virtue: WIS-20%

Power: ATK/WIS +10%

Barong: ATK +20%
Best stat gets the correct buff.

Horus: DEF/WIS +10%

Fenrir: ATK/AGI +10%

Balou: WIS +20% 
One of the rare 4* with double Wisdom buffs.

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