Monday, February 25, 2013

JP GC 1.4: New Hunting Ground Impressions

Updated 03/03/2013: More impressions

Information in JP:

Translation by Tarothin over at the guardiancross-forum:

Overall, I'm quite happy with the changes made in 1.4. Head over to the links above for more information. I'll cover my thoughts on the new hunting ground first.

- These new underwater shadows (mermaids and fishes) seems to change direction frequently (like fishes do in real life?)

- The giant guardians are killable in the same hunt. My tip is to go for the head and also when it is exiting into a hole. Its body wiggles a lot while moving so you might miss. I've gotten anything from 1-4 or 5 guardians from it. I haven't test out if they appear in SHT as there are also changes made to SHT drop-rate in 1.4 and I'm trying to figure out a strategy. More on that later.

Updated 03/03/2013: They take more than 5 shots to hunt, I counted about 8. They move from one of the 4 holes at the corner of the maps, exiting to the opposite side's hole. They do not turn red critical and do not appear in every hunt from my experience. However, if one appears and you did not manage to hunt it, it will appear again in the same hunt but full health. According to Mutoking, there are gold and silver ones, I've encountered the silver one and it seems to move a lot faster or might be shorter but I can't tell.

- There are Fire and normal slimes there too. I guess Silver and Gold slimes are also available.

- There are bubbles containing instant reload and time increase that you can shoot. I think there will be no yellow time increase shadows.

Updated 03/03/2013: The bubbles do disappear after some time, unless my eyes were playing tricks on me. The bubbles I have seen so far are +5 secs, +10 secs and instant reload.

- There are still red critical for 1-shot kills of the shadows you hunt, except the giant shadows.

- The shadow move at speed that is somewhat faster than Berneside Plains but slower than Glaverow Volcano.

Overall, it is something new and fresh for a change and I enjoy it more than the previous Desert Hunting ground.

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