Monday, February 25, 2013

To Self-Destruct Or Not to Self-Destruct Part 2

Another perspective:

Here's another way to look at things. Assume that Mict does it's job and kills off 2 guardians with +4 and just greater cunning, how much MP is left? (maxed stoned MP)

All types other than Ace/Sexy: 3726 - 200 - 1200 - 1200 = 1126

Ace/Sexy: 4036 - 200 - 1200 - 1200 = 1436

Both sets of types do not deal much self-destruct damage, at least not enough to outright kill. You will have to pair it with a good Quick Strike Guardian.

Crocell is just out at this time of writing and her stats are out in the Guardian Cross Stat Info site. She also has self-destruct and wisdom buff and debuff. If you want to keep the Self-destruct, you'll most probably choose the wisdom buff over debuff. Her offensive skill is Death+3 which will make her very luck-based and an excellent defender for your deck in coliseum but also every attacking player's nightmare.

All types other than Ace/Sexy: 4320 - 200 - 600 - 600 = 2920

Ace/Sexy: 4680 - 200 - 600 - 600 = 3280

The self-destruct is definitely more potent but that is because of the +3 skill and only Death will work for a +3 skill level of attack. I'm also assuming she gets 2 kills before exploding but Death is totally probability based. If we give her a +4 skill over +3:

All types other than Ace/Sexy: 4320 - 200 - 1200 - 1200 = 1720

Ace/Sexy: 4680 - 200 - 1200 - 1200 = 2080

She has better potential of killing rate with the +4 but the self-destruct is more powerful but still cannot one-shot kill. You can switch around and try wisdom debuff instead of buff but they will only add 50MP to the blast.

Color-borded Cards
I'm not going to write much about it except that it was built to self-destruct.

Gigantua (Great version)
The usual case with the great versions of an existing 5* is a more or less same card with slight variation but I think Gigantua makes an interesting case with Self-destruct. The reason is that it does not have any buffs and it's attack is high enough that physical+3 can sometimes kill.

Best Case Scenario:

All types other than Sexy: 3060 - 600 - 600 = 1860

Sexy: 3315 - 600 - 600 = 2115

Equivalent to Crocell's (skilled with +4) level of self-destruct damage. It can be considered quite good. Generally, lower HP guardians may be found in the front of the deck.

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