Monday, February 4, 2013

To Self-Destruct Or Not to Self-Destruct Part 1

*Updated 25/2/2013: Splitting up this post into parts as it was too long

Mictlantecuhtli(Mict) is an interesting Deadmoon Desert 5* with cool artwork and has one of the hardest skill decision-making out of all the other Guardians. (For those deciding whether to give Gilgamesh Last Stand or Slow, I go with Last Stand as the opponent should probably be dead in the first turn) Mict learns Self-Destruct, double Wisdom Buffs and Poison+3 and +4 skills. Poison+4 and Wisdom+20% are definitely compulsory which leaves Self-Destruct and Wisdom+10%.

Self-Destruct deals damage according to the number of MP left. If Mict cast +4 twice, there will not be much damage left of Self-Destruct if it triggers but if that happens, the guardian has already done its job. Self-destruct can also combo with Quick Strike but Last Stand potentially deals more damage as the users normally have high attack.

Double Wisdom kills more guardians and is a better guarantee for 2 kills while Self-destruct is probability-based but useful if Mict dies "prematurely". I think both builds have its merit but the type of Mict you get might play a part in the decision. I think the key is how many +4 Mict can cast. This is how I will decide:

Powerful: Agility takes a hit which makes Mict slower and fragile and Self-destruct may likely trigger when Mict has not cast +4 twice and therefore has more MP. Self-destruct

Chaotic: Tankier version and Intelligent/killing power slightly decreased. I will go double Wisdom Buff as Mict can probably survive a hit and cast +4 twice. Double Wisdom Buff

Intelligent: This can go both ways but as Mict can tank and deal Elemental damage well, double wisdom might better ensure 2 kills. This depends on Mict coming up with an Elemental damage dealer which are usually found in the middle of the deck. Another way to look at it is that Intelligent gets the 10% wisdom by default of its type so you can go with Self-Destruct instead. Either

Fast: Mict is not very fast to begin with so I think this is another tough choice and can go both ways. My logic is that even with fast Mict might go first but will only survive to use +4 once. Self-destruct will deal substantial damage on the 2nd guardian for a quick strike followup kill. Self-destruct

Sexy: Self-Destruct definitely. The high MP helps make the move more potent. Self-destruct

Brave: Double Wisdom buff. MP takes a hit and so does the damage self-destruct deals. Double Wisdom Buff

Ace: Best of "all worlds". I'll go with Self-destruct as the MP is high like Sexy. Ace already gets the 10% Wisdom buff by default of its type. Self-destruct

Mict is not the best 5* from Deadmoon but Self-destruct does add an uncertainty opponents facing your deck. Like Revive/Last Stand/Death skills, it makes a good defence for when you are not playing as countless people will challenge your deck and cannot prepare well against those skills. For those trading away their Mict, you can leave the double buffs and self-destruct for the other party to decide. On a side note, Mict can cast +4 thrice but I doubt it can survive that long.

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