Sunday, March 3, 2013

JP GC 1.4: New 5* and skills

Information in JP:

Translation by Tarothin over at the guardiancross-forum:

Head over to the links above for more information. I'll cover my thoughts on the new skills next but first, MetalStitch has summarised the new 5* at the guardiancross-forums. I won't be going through them.

Ability Lock
Chance of reducing enemy mp to 0

Comment: This is what Energy Drain was suppose to do! Energy Drain 2.0 Unsure if it takes place even before Quick Strike to prevent that.

High speed turn
Consume MP to dodge physical attacks

Comment: People are debating whether this is probability based. I think it might be a little broken if it is not!

Gigant slash
All or nothing one shot attack. When it hits it deals large amounts of damage regardless of defense.

Comment: Sounds like the physical version of Death skill. Nothing interesting except maybe the new attack animation.

Heaven's pulse
Dispels enemy buff abilities.

Comment: I think it only works on the first guardian. If it is the case, I don't think it is good. You are most probably only going to get a guarantee use if you are the first guardian.

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