Sunday, March 3, 2013

JP GC 1.4: "Improved" 5* drop-rate system

Information in JP:

Translation by Tarothin over at the guardiancross-forum:

Head over to the links above for more information. I'll cover my thoughts on the new 5* drop-rate system next.

Hunt increased chance system
A system where when a certain number of special hunts have occured without catching any UR's, the chance of catching UR's raises. Once you've caught a UR, it is reset.

10-19 times => UR x1.5
20-29 times => UR x2.0
30~ times => UR x3.0

For 9 or less times, the chance is the same as version 1.3.

UR = 5* by the way.

Basically, SE is telling us that the drop-rate is probability-based and individual system-based, not what some of us are thinking: 5* dropping when a certain quota is reached, etc. My experience using SHT do tell otherwise as I remember getting my 5* after a number of tickets used and then shortly another 5* will drop but there are also people claiming to catch multiple 5* in a hunt so... Oh well... 

Once your drop-rate increases, there will be an indicator on the bottom left of the Hunting "entrance" screen. It should stay until you catch a 5* so you do not have to use many SHT at a go. I can't comment on that as I have not been using any of my saved SHT because I kinda given up on them.

Interestingly for the last line, I imply that a 5* should drop normally after 10 hunts. I used to get that in the early parts of the game but not since Stormreach original Guardians/Glaverow New Guardians.

For International version, the anticipated double drop rate event did not materialize. I'll continue saving my SHT there for this update or if there is any special/limited edition guardian hunting event.

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