Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: How to use Cloud from Japan Final Fantasy Collab (Update with another video link)

It turns out the weak base 1.5x multiplier to attack doesn't matter at all for Cloud's team, when used on Descends, as the ideal team will be using an active skill just about every turn. Most of the teams you can find on YouTube now of Cloud leading has a minimum of 3 Clouds including the friend leader Cloud. The basic idea is to loop through the Cloud active skills and always have an active skill up among your subs and Cloud. It looks really strong but you'll need to get at least a few Cloud and max skill them which might be hard for non-IAP players.

Check out Cloud videos by searching YouTube for "クラウドpt" filtering to the latest dates. PAD Sasuke has a video where he clears the current Challenge Dungeon Level 10 but his team is all +297 egged. Update: Kosuke of AppBank using a similar team to Sasuke, from a discussion at subreddit.