Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits Impressions

I found out that the game was out on iOS while updating Puzzle & Dragons and seeing it on the front page of the Japan App Store. I checked out videos on the game back in January before and wasn't impressed but I decided to give it a try anyway.

The additional data download when you first open the app took quite a while but I was using my mobile phone network. During the account setup, I actually tapped too fast and skipped entering my name and the game accepted the "Enter your name" words in Japanese as my name! It would have been much better to leave that field blank so users will not make my kind of mistake. Later, while I was checking out the "friend leaders" that you can select before battle like Puzzle & Dragons, I found at least one more person who has the same name as me on 2 occasions. It was quite hilarious to see that!

I tried to search around settings to see if I could change the name but couldn't find any options so I guess I'm stuck with it. The overall user interface seems more complicated not as intuitive as Puzzle & Dragons so without someone translating, it is easy to get lost. I do manage to play a few games to experience the gameplay. You mainly tap on colour orbs to form matches with it neighbours and the orb will change to a fireball like icon. You then can try to line up 2 neighbouring fireball orbs of the same colour to form a rainbow orb and clearing 2 rainbow orbs that are neighbours will result in a special mode where you can make as many moves as possible within a limited time.

I think there is some strategy involved in trying to get the rainbow orbs to line up and not just mindless clearing of colours but it is IMO not as complicated as the puzzle aspect of Puzzle & Dragons. I am not going to continue further with the game, not because of the funny name bad start, but because I won't have time for another freemium game after Puzzle & Dragons and Hearthstone. If you are a Street Fighter fan or like puzzle games, do give it a try as it is something different.

Only available on the Japan App Store: link