Saturday, June 20, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Follow-up post on the Japan's Saint Seiya Collaboration

I was away from my computer and missed out on writing about the recent Saint Seiya Collaboration so here's a follow-up on the new and updated cards.

New cards listed on

UVO Aquarius Hyoga
He is really similar to Yo & Siegfried in leader skill and will probably have similar fate as him; I doubt anyone will be leading with him and with his active skill affecting only Balanced type, his usage is really niche. He is a nice sub for Yo & Siegfried nevertheless. The biggest improvement for this UVO for me is the artwork as he went from cartoonish to manga-ish.

UVO Saori
Her new leader skill is kind of like the Norns but for an attack multiplier lower than 4/4.5, it lacks the rcv/hp multiplier which is probably the defining factor of whether it is a good or great. Her awakenings are all useful but not offensive enough IMO. Her artwork style got a similar treatment like UVO Hyoga.

Aries Shion
Basically the light version of pre-UVO Krishna with Two-prong awakening instead of a row enhance.    She is powerful like Krishna and in addition to being light and unresisted. However, due to Krishna getting an UVO update to his leader skill, I think it makes her slightly less appealing.

There were also some updates to existing gold cards, Ikki, Gold Saint, Sagittarius Seiya and Libra Dohko. Ikki gets a healer subtype as well as being unbindable from awakenings and his active skill now remove 5 turns of bind. I think he is probably the first unbindable bind removal with a bind removal active skill for red which can be pretty useful. Sagittarius Seiya gets a third two-prong awakening (TPA) making him the first triple TPA for light if I'm not mistaken. I think Gungho recognises that their full health 4x attack leader skill is limiting and thus improve their usage as subs. Libra Dohko, on the other hand, got an improvement to his leader skill which now affects Balanced type. I hardly see him being used as a leader and I don't think that change will help change that.

Some of the other useful cards are the silver card Aries Mu and Shiryu. On paper, Aries Mu's active skill is useful but I hardly see her used while Shiryu can be seen as a sub on DBZ Cell, Vegito and UVO Goemon teams.

The collaboration dungeon did not contain skill-up cards for the collaboration cards like Hello Kitty and it is peculiar given the general trend with other collaboration. I find that a huge factor in encouraging people to roll the egg machine. Nevertheless, the collaboration has quite a number of skill-up cards for the normal Rare Egg Machine cards as well as for Tinnin, a gold card of PAD BT Collaboration. The boss card is a possible replacement for Yomi as a sub in terms of covering light and dark colours. He gets a UVO which improves his leader skill as a dark devil leader. I've also seen Cancer Deathmask being used as a replacement for Thanatos in Beezlebub/Red Sonia teams so he is a card to consider keeping and skilling if you lack Thanatos.

I remembered the collaboration came just after a Gungho stream where lots of new collaborations got announced so I think a lot of excitement went to the news instead of Saint Seiya. I still had the silver cards from the previous time it appeared which I mainly kept as souvenirs and never used so I will be keeping my stones for the new collaborations that are coming soon.