Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan Duel Masters Collab card notes (Updated #3 for Bolmeteus' updated LS)

It's not the Yugioh, Duel Monsters, collaboration that I hoped for but at least it is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) so perhaps there might be a chance for one with Yugioh in the future? The collaboration  card information is out at PuzzleDragonX.com and one of the things that caught my eye was the skill up cards for the 2.0 Rider Series (except the dark rider). Phoenix Rider turned out to be quite a useful sub, having that Monster Hunter Baggi-like defensive ability, and I think those who have him will definitely look to max skill him here. Be sure to check through the dungeon drops as there are quite a few 10 cost cards in there that might be useful for low cost dungeons. On to the Collaboration Egg Machine cards! (English names are referenced from astalotte's subreddit post on the Collab REM info)

Update: Game8's card ratings for the Collab eggs. I completely agree with the assessment with the minor difference being that I think Romanoffis good but Game8 rates is even more highly. Individual sample teams for the gold cards are linked below.

Silver Eggs
- Bolshack Dragon
The signature card of the protagonist of the series, he provides a quick TPA activation with his active. You can run 4 of these as subs to form a "system" and quick farm your way through dungeons but without any announced skill up card, it will take a ton of pii-s or dupe copies to max skilled 4. It is a good sub for red TPA teams but is limited by its lack of an easy skill-up method.

- Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon
It seems like every once in a while, we will get a collab silver egg with tons of awakenings and this card is the one for this series. However, she is shoehorned into blue devil teams with her active skill and there aren't many blue devil teams I can think of other than UVO Hera-Is. Edit: I forgot Awoken Isis is devil type, so that's another potential team.

- Cursed Totem
A single color attribute attack enhance active will probably always find a use for its color so the differentiating factor lies in the awakenings and having a skill boost and a skill bind resist is useful. It will be great if the row enhance was a TPA as this card is green and green teams basically rely of TPA-s.

- Urth, Purifying Elemental
This card is in the exact same situation as Bolshack Dragon; being a 7 turn orb maker and able to form a "system" with 4 copies but without an easy way to skill up. It's active skill can be combo-ed after Superman's to form a board of light and red orbs. It is also the only silver egg machine type in the series and it seems like most high rarity machine types will be unbindable.
Update#2: Duel Masters Collab dungeon to get skill-up cards for the silver eggs starting from 27 June! This makes the silver eggs roll much better and it is now more enticing to roll for the Collab machine.

Gold Eggs
- Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
Its leader skill is similar to Vegito except that it boosts HP and that's basically where the similarity ends. It is actually more like the UVO dark golem but for dragons. Its RCV stat is severely lacking and really is the stat needing the boost and the awakening skills are useful but not offensive enough. It is one of two cards that will get a skill up card from the collab dungeon.
Update: Game8 and GameWith sample teams. I think you can probably just copy Vegito and Sonia Grand's templates but keep an eye out on the RCV.
Update#2: Bolmeteus to receive buffs on 27 June 6am JST: one extra time extend awakening and LS now includes machine + the base HP and ATK multiplier may be increased according to the slight change in wording.
Update#3: Bolmeteus' LS base multipler for Dragon's ATK and HP is updated to 1.3. Source: PAD Skyozora.

- Romanoff the 1st, Lord of Demonic Eye
If you are thinking you are going to go ham rolling the egg machine to make a system with copies of these, consider that it's min active skill CD is 8 so it will take 5 copies of these in a team. That will leave only one slot for utility or a board change. Its awakenings are only skill boosts and row enhances so I have no idea how you can fit in a 100% skill block resist to the team. I don't think it is as versatile as a Cloud "system" team. 

That aside, I think it is a decent leader and you can build a Pandora-like team around it. It is also a good sub for Pandora and dark row devil teams. It is the other card that will get a skill up card from the collab dungeon.
Update: Game8 and GameWith sample teams. I don't think GameWith's template is good other than for quick farming because it lacks utility. Game8's templates are much better IMO and I think the right direction is not necessary having to use multiple Romanoff-s.

- Kachua, Keeper of Icegate
A double skill block resist dragon attack booster with tons of good awakenings. I think the card will be a good sub for green dragon teams. As a leader, I can't find much low CD green dragon orb changers other than the green mystic knight. You can form a very expensive team with 4 Kaede, the latest green Godfest exclusive,  for the Kaede "System" but even that does not guarantees 4 green orbs on activation for a TPA.
Update: Game8 and GameWith sample teams. GameWith actually went with the Kaede "System" while Game8 offered more variety. Game8's no-gold-REM team actually does not use Super Gunma which I thought will be staple for a farmable but probably does not have enough "firepower", being an all farmable team...

Overall, I feel a little underwhelmed with the Collaboration Machine cards as some of them seem to copy some designs from previous collab cards but yet are weaker when you compare them IMO. Not having more silver egg skill up cards from the collab dungeon probably encourages more rolls at the machine for those skill ups but for a non-IAP player like me, I think I will not be investing much stones in this machine. Moreover, I never played the card game before too so a REM card or two for souvenir will do.