Friday, July 24, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: Japan's Hunter x Hunter Battle Allstars Collaboration REM: Juggler, meet your new clown friend (Updated with Ging Redemption instruction and Gon, Killua buff link)

I had a Killua account from the first time PAD had the Collab but have since discontinued it as I find the play-style a little boring. It's nice for it to return as my current account that I'm playing had not roll the Collab REM or clear its dungeon yet.

This time round there were some nice updates to the the REM gold eggs, especially Gon's ultimate evolution who seems more viable with the Leader Skill change. Gon's ultimate evolution Active Skill is also Vegito which can be useful against Extreme King Metal Dragon invades and along with Gon's good awakenings, he makes for a pretty solid green row team sub.

The silver eggs were buffed as well but I don't think anyone stand out other than Kurapika for the 4 turn delay Active Skill. Leorio is the silver egg that got an ultimate evolution and while he is suppose to be used to clear binds, his Active Skill only offers bind recovery for 1 turn which is not very useful. Check out astalotte's translation on the card updates from the PAD subreddit and her other post about the new cards

The new Gold egg, Crazy Clown, Kite looks close to the power level of Juggler at first sight. The other one, Ging Freeccs is a card you can get if you also play the Hunter x Hunter Battle Allstars mobile game and more information on how to redeem should be released later. It will probably be something similar to the Fat Chocobo promotion for the FF Collab.

Card Ratings

I thought Kite was going to get S rank like Juggler for Game8's tier list but the tier list has not been updated while his individual page listed him as A+. Maybe it might change again once players get to try him out and I still think he is a very powerful leader.

Overall, I don't think the Collab REM is worth rolling. The best cards are gold and they are all mainly leaders with Gon and Kite being the best IMO. As always, gold eggs are probably very hard to get so if you are not lacking in leaders, I think you can probably skip it. Do still check Game8's tier list before the Collab ends if Kite ends up in S rank and see if you will to try rolling for him. With the new Monster Points(MP) system, the silver eggs can always be sold for 3K MP if you have no use for them.

UpdateHow to redeem Ging post by kyot from Puzzle Dragons Forum. Gon and Killua leader skill got buffed and their attack multiplier should be about 5 now with additional HP and RCV base multiplier added respectively. Information at PAD subreddit by astolette.