Saturday, November 28, 2015

Puzzle & Dragons: PAD BT Collab buffs

Continuing the backlog of Collaborations that I missed. The good thing about being late is that I am able to look back now to see which the cards ended up being used a lot. Tinnin got buffed to something similar to HxH Gon's leader skill but I didn't really see her rise in popularity and that is probably due to her sub requirement being dragons and healers. Nevertheless, her new leader skill is still a much better improvement over her old one. All the other cards received stat boosts but I was really looking forward to a evolution for Yo and Siegfried which we didn't get this time. Hopefully, when PAD BT Collab returns again, he will get one.

Tinnin's buff:

PAD BT Card stat buffs:

Game8 and GameWith Card ratings link from the first post I created over at the PAD forum: